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Monday, July 2, 2007

Globalist Study Says Citizens Want A World Government

By Steve Watson | Infowars

An "in depth" study by a core globalist body and also funded in part by all manner of elitist groups and corporations, including the Rockefellers and the Ford Foundation, has found that the people of the world want a global government with a standing army to police the planet.

The study (PDF link) has been jointly released by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and WorldPublicOpinion.org who say that based on a survey conducted in 18 countries, the majority of people approve of strengthening the UN while rejecting the idea that the US should continue to be the preeminent world leader.

According to the two globalist think tanks, the results show that most people believe the UN should have the right to authorize military force and to usurp the national sovereignty of nations should it be necessary where cases of aggression, terrorism, and genocide are concerned.

“In general, there was recognition that many problems now transcend borders and require strengthened multilateral institutions and approaches to dealing with them,” Christopher Whitney, executive director for studies at The Chicago Council said.

Malthus, the World Bank and population control

By Daniele Stulin

It should be conceded that the history of population control in the annals of history is very old, and very pagan. Henry Kissinger´s National Security Study Memorandum 200 on Implications of Worldwide population growth on the US interests is a plagiarised version of Thomas Malthus´own plagiarism of Giammaria Ortes. Additionally, there is the conduct of Herod, as summarized in the Gospel According to St. Matthew, Chapter 2. During the recent 2,000 years of European history, the first "Malthusian" law similar to what is proposed for the U.N. 1994 Cairo Population Conference, was the "socialist" decrees of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Since the beginning of modern European history cerca 1439, the center of population-control policies has consistently been Venice.

Thomas Malthus´ famous 1798 On Population, was nothing more than a plagiarised version of Giammaria Ortes' 1790 publication, Riflessioni sulla popolazione delle nazioni.

A key character in the whole population equation is a Venetian monk Giammaria Ortes (1713-1790), unknown to most, but quite an evil character. I found reference to him in the Camaldolensian monastery of Murano, to the nort-east of Venice, where he enetered as a novice in 1727. There is a further reference to him as a “brilliant economist” in Karl Marx´s Capital, Vol. I, chap. XXV, sec. 4; However, he will be remembered, amongst other things, as the intellectual author of the 1790 Riflessioni upon which the genocidal 1994 U.N. Cairo Population Conference draft is based.

Malthusianism was imported into Britain from 16th century Venice, in the form of the 1606 English translation of Venetian Giovanni Botero's "Delle cause della grandezza e magnificenze della città." (1588).

Incidentally, Malthusianism is a theory in demography regarding population growth developed during the industrial revolution on the basis of the writings of Thomas Malthus. According to this theory, population expands faster than food supplies.

Botero (1544-1617) was a Venetian agent closely tied to Paolo Sarpi, today´s David Rockefeller and the man most likely behind the assassination of a brilliant English playwrite, Christopher Marlowe. At the National Library of Florence, I found a 1590 letter written by Sarpi instructing his henchmen to get rid of Marlowe. Marlowe was murdered in 1593. The significance of Botero in introducing Malthusianism into 17th Century England is emphasized in Joseph A. Schumpete´s A History of Economic Analysis.

Schumpete wrote that Botero's population policy was adopted by William Petty, in his 1682 Essay Concerning the Multiplication of Mankind. He is the Venice-linked grandfather of Jeremy Bentham's [first head of the British foreign intelligence service] and Thomas Malthus' Shelburne.

Why was Ortes´role so significant for the annals of history? Because his role in modern Malthusianism [ie. Human genocide] came about as a continuation of the war against Leibniz and Classical culture he represented by Venetian Abbot Paolo Conti. Think of Conti as James Bond´s nemesis “Goldfinger.”

One final note which should please those more intrested in rustling skirts through the hallways of history than scientific proof of deeds. Has anyone wondered why such a dispraportionate number of homosexual monks and nuns throughout history have come from Venice? Because Venetian nobility practiced what they preached. In the last 200 years of Venice's political independence, the oligarchy imposed increasingly strict celibacy upon a growing majority of its people. By the late 17th Century, a typical Venetian oligarch travelling abroad, practiced more or less perpetual abeyance —like Ortes. This lifestyle caused a proliferation of homosexuality among both male and female members of the Venetian oligarchy, a city which rivalled Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah on such accounts.

If we are to take this logic one step further and super impose it on the XXI century world of depleted natural resources, the following assertions can be concluded. If the majority of people [who die] were African and thus unskilled and resources were not taken from savings to fund provision of care, then in pure economic terms the survivors could be better off and per capita income could rise! I asked one former U.S.-AID representative who spent over two decades in Sub-Saharan Africa if I was on the right track in understanding the more covert aspects of the Family Planning, specifically if harsh economic reality is forcing the hand of Western nations to forcibly reduce African population. His response was short and chilling. “You are dead on target.”

Is this then not tantamount to 'indirect population reduction' or, more precisely, genocide? Thought, I´d ask.

Article from: http://www.danielestulin.com/?op=noticias¬icias=ver&id=378

China Finds Pyramid in Ancient Tomb

By The Associated Press

Chinese researchers say they have found a strange pyramid-shaped chamber while surveying the massive underground tomb of China's first emperor and theorize it was built as a passageway for his soul.

Remote sensing equipment has revealed what appears to be a 100-foot-high room above Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb near the ancient capital of Xi'an in Shaanxi province, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Sunday.

The room has not been excavated. Diagrams of the chamber are based on data gathered over five years, starting in 2002, using radar and other remote sensing technologies, the news agency said.

Archaeologist Liu Qingzhu of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was quoted as saying the room is unlike any ever found in a Chinese tomb.

"Qin himself was very unusual, so it's not unexpected that his tomb should also be unique," Liu told the news agency.

Archaeologists theorize that because the room was built on top of Qin's mausoleum and seems to have ladder-like steps leading up, it was intended as a passageway for his spirit, Xinhua said.

Qin, who ruled from 221-210 B.C., is credited with starting construction of the Great Wall and commissioning an army of terra cotta soldiers to guard his tomb.

Thousands of the terra cotta warriors were discovered more than 20 years ago by peasants from a local commune who were sinking wells.

How the KGB demoralized USA - Video

Former KGB agent and Soviet defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov explains Communist psychological warfare methods and results.

Bermuda Triangle Yields Secrets

By Dr. Greg Little | Mysterious America

The "Bermuda Triangle" is a vast expanse of islands and ocean covering nearly 500,000 square miles. The term is typically applied to the area enclosed by a triangle starting from Miami, Florida, to Puerto Rico, to Bermuda, and back to Miami. The Bermuda Triangle Organization lists 125 incidents of disappearances (until 2002) of planes and the disappearance of 94 ships/boats within the Triangle, with the first ship report from 1780. A large portion of the Bahamas lies within the Triangle.

The small Bahamas island of Bimini, lying only 50 miles from Miami, has been the location of several ship and plane disappearances and has also received intense scrutiny for possible archaeological remains. But Andros Island, the largest of the Bahamas islands lying 100 miles from Bimini, has been given little attention by archaeologists or Bermuda Triangle researchers. Bimini lies in what many consider to be the "focal point" of the Bermuda Triangle, but Andros, especially North Andros, is also within the Triangle and has been the location of numerous disappearances. This report, the first of three, focuses on the unexpected discovery of planes linked to the Bermuda Triangle mystery.

The Association For Research & Enlightenment's Search For Atlantis

Beginning in 1968, intense exploration in the Bahamas was conducted by members of the ARE (Association For Research & Enlightenment) following reports made by Dr. J. Manson Valentine of the discovery of an underwater structure found off Andros and then another stone formation at Bimini. Exhaustive investigations made in recent years by archaeologist William Donato, Dr. Lora Little, and the present author have conclusively shown that the underwater stone structure lying off Bimini is the remains of a ancient harbor. In addition, a similar structure was found at Andros and another harbor was found about a mile from the first Bimini formation in 2006.

In late 2006 and in May and June 2007, a series of expeditions were conducted in the Bahamas, which performed extensive side-scan sonar at Bimini as well as near Andros and several areas on the Great Bahama Bank. Results from the side-scan sonar will be more fully presented in a forthcoming article, scheduled for August 1, 2007. However, the most interesting finds from the sonar and subsequent follow-ups revealed rectangular formations lying in 100 feet of water off Bimini, several unusual stone formations 20+ miles out on the Great Bahama Bank, and the "rediscovery" of an underwater "mass" of fully dressed marble beams, an exquisite marble building apex, marble columns, and numerous huge, rectangular flat slabs of white marble. The most puzzling results included the discovery of an underwater wall off a small, uninhabited island North of Andros. This wall was constructed from huge blocks and slabs of limestone. One section of the wall remains partially intact and consists of three-to-five layers of stone blocks. While this research has been conducted under the title of "The ARE's Search For Atlantis," two facts should be noted. First, nothing has been found in the Bahamas that is linked to the "historical" Atlantis. But some archaeological evidence has been found, which leads to the second point. That is, there is genuine evidence pointing to the existence of an unknown, somewhat sophisticated maritime culture operating in the Bahamas during ancient times. Finding more definitive evidence of this maritime culture is our primary focus.

Planes & Boat Remains

An aerial survey performed over the Great Bahama Bank in June 2007 by Drs. Lora and Greg Little was designed to identify the precise location of previously photographed dark, underwater formations. Many writers, including Charles Berlitz, had published a few photos of these seemingly enigmatic formations suggesting they could be the ruins of buildings. Our aerial survey identified approximately 20 of these formations in an area bounded by the upper 10 miles of Northern Andros extending 45-miles (west) onto the Great Bahama Bank. With the help of Eslie & Krista Brown, Bahamas boat and dive operators, we managed to directly visit all but one of these as well as several others. In addition, we explored a host of small islands and a wide area of North Andros. (An August 1 and September 1 report will detail all of the finds not reported herein. We are awaiting a variety of test results.)

One of the largest and most interesting forms visited on the Great Bahama Bank was approximately 35 miles off Andros lying in 20 feet of water. Taking the shape of a dark "eye" with white sand outlining it, the center of the formation showed a round white spot. From the air, it is a stunning view and the formation is nearly 500-feet long. In the white center spot of the formation we found a plane, turned upside down. The plane was completely buried under the sand, but a retractable front landing gear was sticking out from the bottom. It was removed and brought to the surface by Eslie Brown. The "Electrol" gear was subsequently investigated and was probably used on a Cessna 210-J. (Final verification is pending.)

Another massive dark spot that was investigated, about 30-miles off Andros and measured at over 500-feet, also takes on the appearance of an eye with a center white spot. The remains of a wooden boat were found in the center with the outline of small, well-polished ballast stone found in the sandy center. A few long pieces of decayed and rotted wood were found in the sand.

Because of the discovery of the underwater plane, we subsequently investigated three more crashed plane remains on land on Andros. One, a DC-10, required a several hour trek through dense and muddy mangrove swamps. The plane, as it turned out, was local in origin and its history is known.

More wreckage—a tail assembly of a small plane—was found at Red Bays. Locals pulled the remains out of the water many years ago after it came ashore, but no one recalls any investigation of the wreck whatsoever. Several of the plane's ID numbers (N-number) partly remain on the tail. These were: N148xF. The only portion of the "x" that was visible could well have been a "3" and the number "1" was only partly visible.

The most intriguing plane found on land was found at Morgan's Bluff. Investigation eventually led us directly to the individual who first recovered it. This man was using a dredge at Morgan's Bluff in 1989 to deepen a channel where a large tanker comes daily to ship water from Andros to Nassau. The man recalled that when he dragged the plane up, there were no human remains in it, so they simply pulled it to the bank (out of the way) and then used a bulldozer to push it into the nearby jungle. No one knew its origin, however, several locals believed that it had crashed into the deep Tongue of the Ocean between Andros and Nassau and gradually drifted until a storm moved it to the Morgan's Bluff area. All outer ID numbers on the plane were gone, destroyed when the aluminum was literally torn to pieces by all of the violent actions subjected on it. However, we managed to find a manufacturer's ID plate on an internal part showing the part was made in 1960. The plane was a 2-engine Beech, similar to Beechcraft made in the 1950s.

Preliminary Speculations

It must be stressed that a tentative ID has been made on only one of the planes found and we have no idea whatsoever about the identity of the wooden ship remains. The plane found on the Great Bahama Bank appears to be a Cessna and the landing gear is consistent with those used in a Cessna 210-J. The location of the plane's remains is on a line between the "Andros Town" airport and numerous East coast Florida airports. Examination of the master list of plane disappearances published by the Bermuda Triangle Organization shows that a Cessna 210-J disappeared on October 4, 1983 after it left Andros Town for Ft. Pierce, Florida. However, only a positive identification, by uncovering the tail to reveal the plane's N-number, would prove whether this is that plane or not.

The N number on the remains of the plane at Red Bays creates an intriguing problem. The clearly visible numbers Nx48xF, added to those that were less clear (N1483F), match a plane reported missing in 1968. On May 29, 1968 a single engine Cessna 172 radioed to Grand Turks that it was low on fuel and then the pilot reported that the engine had stopped. The plane was assumed to have crashed into the water and both the 30-year old pilot and his passenger were missing. Nothing was ever discovered from the plane nor were any bodies found. The wreckage we found at Red Bays, consisting only of the tail section, is consistent with that of a 1966 Cessna 172, the same model that disappeared in 1968. But Grand Turks is more than 400 miles from where we found the plane wreckage. Yet, the northwesterly movement of water through the Old Bahama Channel, to the Santaren Channel, to the Gulf Stream makes this seemingly unlikely event plausible. In addition, no other planes on the list of planes disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle match the numbers we found.

The exact identity of the 2-engine Beech plane found at Morgan's Bluff is as yet unknown. Unfortunately, there are at least three disappearances of 2-engine Beech planes in that area that could fit the information we presently have. However, we have two different metal ID tags from parts in the plane wreckage that we are using to base our search upon.

More Planes—More Boats

A 1980 report on the area near Bimini where the marble was found on the bottom describes three wrecks as present there. However, we cannot find an official record of these in the registries of wrecks kept by the Bahamas. Nor can we find any information on the wooden boat remains on the Bahama Bank. We have had contact with an underwater archaeologist residing in Europe who has expressed an interest in working with the ship wrecks and we will notify Bahamas officials of the precise location and the nature of the find.

In 2003, we made an extensive aerial survey of all of Western Andros and filmed (from the air) plane wreckage of at least 4 other aircraft either in shallow water or inland in uninhabited and remote mangroves or mud flats. Locals immediately attribute such planes to drug runners and that may well be the case with some of them. While identifying anything that would remotely relate to Bermuda Triangle disappearances was never our intention, we believe that identifying the planes we have filmed on Western Andros might solve the fates of a few aircraft that have been reported to be lost and may bring some emotional closure to some families who suffered losses. An expedition to these planes is in planning for the near future.

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