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Sunday, July 1, 2007

1000 year old Inca Indians remains found in Norway

Norwegian arhaeologists are puzzled by a find which indicates an Inca Indian died and was buried in the Oestfold city of Sarpsborg 1000 years ago.

By Rolleiv Solholm | The Norway Post

The remains of two elderly men and a baby were discovered during work in a garden, and one of the skulls indicates that the man was an Inca Indian.

- There is a genetic flaw in the neck, which is believed to be limited to the Incas in Peru, says arahaeologist Mona Beate Buckholm.

The Norway Post suggests that maybe the Vikings travelled even more widely than hitherto believed? Why could not the Viking settlers in New Foundland have strayed further down the coast on one of their fishing trips?

Meanwhile, more digging will be made in Sarpsborg, in an attempt to try to find an answer to the puzzle, NRK reports.

The Celestine Prophecy - Video

Based on James Redfield's worldwide best-selling novel, The Celestine Prophecy is a spiritual adventure film chronicling the discovery of ancient scrolls in the rainforests of Peru. The prophecy and its nine key insights predict a worldwide awakening, arising within all religious traditions, that moves humanity toward a deeper experience of spirituality.

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911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy

911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy - new documentary by Adrian Connock and David Shayler about the BBC's selective and distorted 911 coverage. With particular reference to the Conspiracy Files programme aired on BBC Two on February 18th 2007

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First genome transplant turns one species into another

By Ian Sample | Guardian

Research is aimed at producing green fuel. Critics warn of terrorists creating new bioweapons.

Scientists have converted an organism into an entirely different species by performing the world's first genome transplant, a breakthrough that paves the way for the creation of synthetic forms of life.
The team, led by Craig Venter, the man who raced to sequence the human genome, wants to build new microbes to produce environmentally friendly fuels.

The group's study, details of which were revealed in the US journal Science yesterday, proves it is possible to transplant a complete set of genetic instructions into an organism, in effect turning it into the same species the DNA was taken from.

The proof of principle experiment solves the first of two big difficulties which have hindered the creation of artificial life. The team, based at Dr Venter's not-for-profit institute in Rockville, Maryland, now hopes to overcome the second hurdle, by designing new genetic codes on computers and transplanting them into organisms to produce new life forms.

The team is focusing on creating micro-organisms which produce green fuels as natural waste products. "One of the goals we have is trying to see if we could design cells to manufacture new types of fuel to break our dependency on oil and coal and try to do something about carbon dioxide," Dr Venter said. "We look forward to trying to have the first fuels from genetically modified and even synthetic organisms, certainly within the decade."

The work is at the cutting edge of synthetic biology, which is rapidly becoming one of the most contentious fields in science. Researchers have developed the tools to recreate the devastating 1918 flu virus, and are working on ways to genetically modify human cells and understand the most fundamental mechanisms of life.

But critics fear the field is progressing too fast for society to grasp. Some are concerned that artificial organisms could escape and damage the environment, or that maverick scientists or terrorist groups could create powerful new bioweapons.

Dr Venter's team commissioned an 18-month study into the bioethics of their research, which gave strong approval but echoed concerns about the dangers.

In the experiment, researchers extracted the whole genetic code from a simple bacterium, Mycoplasma mycoides. They squirted the DNA into a test tube containing a related species, Mycoplasma capricolum. They found that some of the bacteria absorbed the new genome and ditched their own. These microbes grew and behaved exactly like the donor.

We Are Not Nearly As Free As We Think We Are

By Doug Newman | Illuminati-News.com

In America, we enjoy a measure of freedom. However,

* We are not nearly as free as we think we are.
* Millions of Americans are willing to relinquish what is left of their liberty.

I have said it countless times and I will say it again: GW Bush is not Adolph Hitler. Neither Al Gore nor John Kerry would have been Joe Stalin. We can vote. We can speak. We can write our congressmen. I can write this without fear of doing time in a forced labor camp on the North Slope of Alaska.

We can worship the God of the Bible or we can worship Allah, Vishnu, a cow or Mungabunga. We can promote creation, evolution or any explanation we want for how we came to be. We can amass wealth. We can invent. We can travel. We can consume alcohol. We can smoke those nasty, raunchy, skanky butts. We can listen to all kinds of music. We can read all kinds of books. We can watch all kinds of movies. We can gamble. We can fornicate. We can go to strip joints and mud wrestling venues.

Moreover, we are communicating on the internet. THE FLIPPIN' INTERNET! Freedom, anyone?

And if we don’t like it, we can leave.

So why am I constantly – in your words – whining about our vanishing liberty?

Because, by any objective measure, our liberty is going away.

I unearthed an old column by Joseph Sobran the other day. In it, he writes of Alexis de Tocqueville’s visit to America in the 1830s:

“Tocqueville wondered whether this happy condition could last. He forecast that democracy would devolve into bureaucracy, and we’d wind up with a ‘mild but extensive’ sort of tyranny, ‘without tortures or terrors’, but strong enough to control an essentially timid populace.”

Indeed, we enjoy a measure of liberty. However, we are subject to myriad intrusions on our ability to maneuver through life. And because so many of us think we are free, we are incredibly easy pickings for those who would enslave us.

Tyranny is a lot like cancer. While early detection is a great thing, prevention is a far better thing. Millions have survived both totalitarianism and cancer. I would rather avoid than survive either of these. This is why I am being so vocal NOW, while I can still do so without fear of government retribution. Consider it early detection.

Consider two things about America as we speak:

* America, “the land of the free”, has the world’s highest incarceration rate.
* All ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are the law of the land and have been for years. Among these are a progressive income tax, inheritance taxes, the federal department of education and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Our society is one of the most tightly controlled societies on earth. These controls are always sold to us with some good intention in mind, e.g. the environment, the children, a drug-free America, victory over terrorism. However, these controls carry a price: i.e. our lives, our liberty and our pursuit of happiness.

I once read that, in a lot of countries, it is probably not a good idea to run down the main street of town yelling, “Death to the president!” However, these governments are not nearly as intrusive into other areas of life as is the United States government. One reason – among many – that so many jobs are going overseas is that industry is not nearly as tightly regulated.

The Founders’ vision was that of a free society, not a perfect society. With this in mind, they gave us a Constitution that severely limited the size and scope of the federal government. Hence, they gave us three branches of government with an intricate system of checks and balances. They delegated 18 powers to the feds.

Not satisfied, a Virginia delegate named George Mason refused to sign the Constitution because it did not contain a declaration of rights. Mason would lead the charge to develop what we now know as the Bill of Rights. These first ten amendments to the Constitution are a bill of prohibitions on federal activity.

While we have never been perfect in our application of this Bill of Rights, this does not excuse the reckless disregard with which our contemporary ruling class treats it. Indeed, when its provisions are violated, the violators always justify their abuses of power by naming precedents. (When W spied on the American people, his amen corner responded by saying that, “Well, Bill Clinton spied on the American people, too.”)

America has two constitutions. One is written. However, this Constitution is not worth the paper it is printed on if the constitution of the people – i.e. what they are made of – is so weak as to rationalize and justify violations of the written Constitution.

And how is our Bill of Rights violated by the current power elite? Here is a partial list, the result of a brainstorm. I will probably be deluged with e-mails naming all kinds of other intrusions on our freedom.

* The Internal Revenue Code
* The gradual removal of expressions of Christianity from the public square
* Campaign finance laws
* The chilling effect of 501(c)(3) on what pastors may preach about
* 20,000 laws infringing on the “right of the people to keep and bear arms”
* The Patriot Act
* The Military Commissions Act
* NSPD 51 and HSPD 20
* John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007
* The Real ID Act
* Social Security
* The Drug War
* Airport Security – even before 9/11
* Waco
* Ruby Ridge
* The Elian Raid
* The Brown standoff in Plainfield, NH
* The Hollis Wayne Fincher show trial
* Compulsory school attendance laws
* Government schools in general
* Juries that are not fully informed of their rights to judge both the facts and the law pertaining to a given case
* Prison sentences for “victimless crimes”
* Harassment of home schooling parents
* Minimum wage laws
* Racial hiring quotas
* Asset forfeiture laws
* Seventy thousand pages of regulations in the Federal Register
* The supreme Court hearing a case about a student displaying a banner that read “Bong hits 4 Jesus”
* Roe v. Wade
* Kelo v. New London
* Increasing militarization of America’s police forces
* The Duke lacrosse case
* The merging of the United States into the North American Union with Canada and Mexico
* A whole host of treaties, trade agreements and other schemes to undermine America's sovereignty and bring us under a world government
* And many, many more.

It has never been my intent to be overly negative or pessimistic. However, it has been my intent to take a defensive posture regarding threats to our freedom. Scripture -- Ezekiel 33:6 -- calls us to be watchmen. It is not “negative” to lock doors, save part of your income, buy insurance, cut down on the carbs or exercise more. It is being cautious. Bad things – theft, bankruptcy, obesity, heart attacks -- can and do happen if we are not careful.

Extremely bad things – 7- and 8-digit body counts -- can and do happen if we do not keep a very close eye on our government. The Founders knew this. And they were not always nice about how they expressed themselves.

All the evil, wicked, mean and nasty things that Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Thomas Payne and others wrote about King George III were directed at a “tyrant” who taxed the colonists at the excruciating rate of about three percent. Moreover, there was no Royal Department of Education, Environmental Protection Ministry or war on drugs in those days.

The result of the rebellion of 1776 was a governmental framework that allowed for greater freedom, productivity, creativity, charity and many other good things than any other society in human history.

And yet millions of Americans are willing to give what remains of this freedom away. Left-wingers are willing to give it away over global warming, which is based on a lot of junk science. Right-wingers are willing to give it away over terrorism, an “enemy” that does not even control the government of Afghanistan and a threat that is totally overblown. Mencken was so right when he stated that:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed -- and thus clamorous to be led to safety -- by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

To summarize, there are lots of powerful and well-positioned people who want to deprive Americans of their liberty, and there are millions of Americans who are more than willing to relinquish it. Before they give it up – even temporarily – I would invite them to consider another people who gave up their freedom in 1933 and got it back in 1945. They were the people of Germany. We all know what happened in the interim. Had more Germans been more vocal earlier, Hitler would have been out of power in 1934 and most people never would have heard of him.

I don’t want it to come to this in America. That is why I am being so vocal NOW, while I am free to do so. Eternal vigilance, Jefferson said, is the price of liberty. “Woulda”, “coulda” and “shoulda” are three of the saddest words in the English language. I don’t want to be sitting here -- or in some prison cell -- someday saying, “We woulda kept our freedom and we coulda kept our freedom. We SHOULDA said and done something back in the days when we COULDA!”

Do you?

Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

By Henry Makow Ph.D. | SaveTheMales.ca

A Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have targeted Illuminati members if they proceed with world depopulation plans, according to Tokyo-based journalist Benjamin Fulford, 46.

They contacted Fulford, a Canadian expat, after he warned that the Illuminati plan to reduce the Asian population to just 500 million by means of race-specific biological weapons.

"The Illuminati, with the exception of Japan, is very much a white man's game," Fulford says.

The secret society confirmed Fulford's information and asked for advice. He provided them with a list of 10,000 people associated with the Illuminati, mainly members of the Bilderberg, CFR and Skull and Bones. Neo Cons are also high priority targets.

"I have promised that not a single person will die if they negotiate in good faith," Fulford says.

Fulford is the former Asian Pacific bureau chief for Forbes magazine. He quit in disgust when Forbes refused to run a damaging story about one of its advertisers. Fulford has since written 15 books in Japanese. His most recent is a scathing dissection of the 9-11 Hoax.

Fulford says Japan has been controlled in secret by the Illuminati through the use of murder and bribery. Underground sources tell him the Americans have murdered over 200 Japanese politicians and influential citizens since the end of WW2.

Among the victims are former Prime Ministers Tanaka, Takeshita, Ohira and Obuchi. They were all murdered using a special drug that induces strokes. The Illuminati have been warned that the Chinese secret society will not tolerate any more murders. It has also extended its protection to truth seekers in the West.


The Chinese Secret Society is called the "The Green and the Red Societies," Fulford says.

It "can be found in the history books. When the Manchus invaded China in 1644, the Ming army became an underground society aimed at overthrowing the Qing (Manchu) and restoring the Ming. They supported the Boxer Rebellion but were put down by imperialist powers. Later, with the help of overseas Chinese and the Japanese imperial family, the society managed to overthrow the last Emperor and install Sun Yat Sen in his place. They last appear in the history books as the Green Gang and the Red Gang that fiercely fought the Communists in Shanghai in the 1940’s. They were defeated by the Communists in 1949 and once again became an underground organization."

"Since 1949 they have steadily increased their influence throughout China and the rest of the world. They have members at the very highest levels of the Chinese government but they are by nature anti-establishment, and are not an official Chinese government organization. ..

"The society has deep roots in Japan because of the link between Yakuza crime gangs and the Japanese imperial family. The Japanese imperial family are descended from 6th century Korean invaders. The original invaders had trouble putting down the native Jomon peoples so they brought over a tough, warlike minority people from the Asian mainland. These are the ancestors of the Yakuza. They have historically been used for secret work and for jobs like collecting taxes. When the Japanese decided to help overthrow the last Chinese dynasty, they used the Yakuza as a go-between with the Chinese secret society, many of whose members were gangsters. To this day many of the senior leaders of this group are actually Japanese, not Chinese."

"It must be made very clear though that it is not a crime gang. Although many members are Triad and Yakuza members, over 2/3 thirds of the members are intellectuals such as university professors, researchers and government bureaucrats. Each member earns their own living and membership in the society is like belonging to an emergency fire brigade. Their book of rules reads like a book of ethics filled with instructions to do things like help the weak, fight injustice, help your comrades etc."

"They approached me and asked if they could help after I made a speech in Tokyo describing the Bush regimes’ use of race-specific biological weapons. For me it was like a ghost from the history books appearing right in front of me. At first I thought of silly things like having them play 911 truth videos in Chinatowns around the world. However, then I remembered the scene from the movie Kill Bill where Uma Thurman snatches out her opponent’s eye. I soon realized these people could save the world by directly attacking the eye at the top of the pyramid on the one-dollar bill."

"Think about it, the illuminati and their top servants have a total membership of about 10,000 whereas the Chinese group has over 6 million members. That is 600-to-one odds. Furthermore, the 6 million have the names and addresses of the 10,000 while the 10,000 do not know who or where the 6 million are."


"Below is a brief a summary of the intelligence I have received from sources including: former Japanese Prime Ministers, senior Yakuza gangsters, senior Japanese Freemasons, Western intelligence agencies etc.

"First the illuminati are really inbred families of European and North American traditional aristocracy and banking families. They control the U.S., England, Europe (except for Scandinavian countries, Germany and Italy; Italy kicked them out in the 1970's),Japan, Africa, Iran, Canada and Mexico. They do not control China, Russia (Putin kicked them out for the first time since 1917), India, South East Asia, South America, Cuba etc.

"Their goal is to create a world government. Until 2 years ago the plan was the New World Order. That was outlined pretty clearly in the Project for a New American Century. However, with the debacle in Iraq, the secret government of the West changed to a new plan that is a world government based on the EU. To do this they will sabotage the U.S. economy.

"However, there is a big schism in the secret government. Jay Rockefeller and Philip Rothschild support one faction, the Global Warming Faction. Opposing them is the War on Terrorism Faction supported by David Rockefeller and the JP Morgan descendents (Bush, Harriman, Walker etc.). The warming people want to sell 500 nuclear power plants to China and a similar amount to the rest of the world. The terrorism guys want to keep U.S. dominance by maintaining control over oil. Putin was a huge setback for them.

"They are also neo-Nazis who want to reduce the amount of colored people in the world by at least half through disease, starvation and war. The Chinese secret society got wind of this and is preparing to stop them."


I challenged Fulford on Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and possibly Russia not being controlled by the Illuminati. He replied that "the quality of my intelligence varies":

"I can say with certainty that China, Russia and India are free. When Putin kicked out Nieslev and Bereshovsky and arrested Khordokovsky, he basically kicked the Rockefellers and Rothschilds out of Russia. I have good Russian sources and am confident Putin is a nationalist who is fighting the Illuminati with all his might. When ex-NSA chief Bobby Inman spoke at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan on June 26th he made it very clear he expected a protracted struggle with Russia.

"India kicked them out in Ghandi’s day and they have never been allowed back. Having liberated themselves after 300 years of Illuminati (East India Company) rule, they do not intend to let themselves fall under their control again.

"There have been many attempts by the Illuminati to infiltrate and dominate China. They financed Chairman Mao but he then kicked them out in the 1960’ s (that is why China and the USSR nearly went to war then). They are now trying to create a financial crisis in China that would open the way for them to infiltrate the Chinese financial system. They will not succeed. Italy basically purged itself during the big P2 Masonic lodge scandal back in the 80’s and re-infiltration has only been partly successful. Germany is part of the Nato alliance and is thus indirectly controlled. There is a powerful branch of the Rothschild family operating there.

"However, Germany does not appear on a top-secret Illuminati power flow chart I have obtained. As far as Iran is concerned, I know they financed Ayatollah Khomeini and Iran appears on the flow chart I have. My understanding is they want to provoke a conflict between Islam and the West so they can consolidate their control over the Muslim and Christian worlds before finishing world conquest by taking over China and India."


Fulford says a meeting is being arranged with Russia’s Vladimir Putin to make sure the KGB also cooperates in this plan to snatch the eye out of the pyramid.

"So far, I have told the Illuminati that they are no longer allowed to murder Japanese politicians. I now plan to extend this protection to all politicians in the West. If the illuminati assassinate or attempt to assassinate Ron Paul, Barak Obama or any politician, may God have mercy on their souls."

"Since I am a peace-loving, laid-back Canadian suddenly put in a situation of great responsibility, I feel I must act as a servant of the weakest people and creatures on the planet. I have also been negotiating in secret with the Illuminati in the hopes of arranging for them to cede power without any bloodshed in exchange for a general amnesty.

'Trust me on this, the illuminati have failed because of their racism. Although other peoples understand that theWest is a slave society, those living there do not realize it. The illuminati do not control China, India or now Russia. They are about to lose power. We are like people living in Berlin before the collapse of the Berlin wall. The illuminati are like the Wizard of Oz; once you pull aside the curtain you are surprized by how weak they really are. They rely on illusion. Once the illusion is gone, they are just a bunch of weak old men.

"I do believe we now have a real chance to end the New World Order and start the New Age. The New Age would be one where war, poverty and environmental destruction would only be found in the history books."

I applaud Benjamin Fulford's courage, idealism and defiance. However, he is new to this subject and may have been mislead. He shouldn't use Illuminati teminology like "New Age" . The Illuminati control the central banks of Russia, China, India and Venezuela. They control the EU. Germany may not appear on the Illuminati chart because it is at the top. Barak Obama is a Zionist stooge. The Illuminati Li Ka-Shing (and family) has had a major role in China. Heck, the Communists are Illuminati. I thought the Illuminati controlled organized crime. I can't imagine a genuinely benevolent secret society. It would be encouraging if this were one.

It's possible Fulford is sincere but is being used to confuse and/or create divisions. Possibly they want to ramp up domestic terrorism as an excuse for martial law. Now, Orientals as well as Muslims could be on the watch list. This secret society is challenging the traitorous Western Establishment. We're talking about the State Apparatus! So please be critical. It may or may not be what he says. Time will tell.

In any case, it's time we refused to bow down to tyranny and called a spade a spade.
Imagine, in Japan he writes the truth in the mainstream media! Maybe some day, we'll do that in America. Benjamin Fulford is an inspiration and deserves our thanks.

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