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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jonestown: The CIA mind control experiment

Source: Mondovista

What You Were Told About Jonestown

It was November 15, 1968. A fanatic religious leader in California led  a multiracial community into the jungles of remote Guyana to establish  a socialist utopia. The People's Temple, his church, was in the heart  of San Francisco and drew poor people, social activists, Blacks and  Hispanics, young and old. The message was racial harmony and justice,  and criticism of the hypocrisy of the world around his followers.   

The  Temple rose in a vacuum of leadership at the end of an era. The  political confrontations of the 60s were almost over, and religious  cults and "personal transformation" were on the rise. Those who had  preached a similar message on the political soap box were gone, burnt  out, discredited, or dead. The counter-culture had apparently  degenerated into drugs and violence. Charlie Manson was the only  visible image of the period. Suddenly, religion seemed to offer a last  hope.


Even before they left for the Jonestown site, the People's Temple  members were subjects of local scandal in the news. Jim Jones claimed  these expos´s were attacks on their newly-found religion, and used them  as an excuse to move most of the members to Guyana. But disturbing  reports continued to surround Jones, and soon came to the attention of  congressional members like Leo Ryan. Stories of beatings, kidnapping,  sexual abuse and mysterious deaths leaked out in the press. Ryan  decided to go to Guyana and investigate the situation for himself. The  nightmare began.


Isolated on the tiny airstrip at Port Kaituma, Ryan and several  reporters in his group were murdered. Then came the almost unbelievable  "White Night," a mass suicide pact of the Jonestown camp. A community  made up mostly of Blacks and women drank cyanide from paper cups of  purple Kool-Aid, adults and children alike died and fell around the  main pavilion. Jones himself was shot in the head, an apparent suicide.  For days, the body count mounted, from 400 to nearly 1,000. The bodies  were flown to the United States and later cremated or buried in mass  graves.


Jonestown became a cultural cliché for mindless cults that drove  members to commit suicide and served as a vivid warning against blind  faith and charismatic leaders.


But there was more to Jonestown than was first reported. Something more  evil than a cult or even a demented leader was being covered up and,  when it was finally revealed, it would receive less publicity than the  sterilized version of the truth most people were fed.


What REALLY Happened: The Truth Is In The Numbers


The first headlines the day of the massacre read: "Cult Dies in South  American Jungle: 400 Die in Mass Suicide, 700 Flee into Jungle." By all  accounts in the press, as well as People's Temple statements there were  at least 1,100 people at Jonestown. There were 809 adult passports  found there, and reports of 300 children (276 found among the dead, and  210 never identified). The headline figures from the first day add to  the same number: 1,100.The original body count done by the Guyanese was  408, and this figure was initially agreed to by U.S. Army authorities  on site. However, over the next few days, the total of reported dead  began to rise quickly. The Army made a series of misleading and openly  false statements about the discrepancy. The new total, which was the  official final count, was given almost a week later by American  authorities as 913. A total of 16 survivors were reported to have  returned to the U.S.


Members  of Jonestown were mostly black adults, the elderly and children who  were apparently selected to reflect a cross section of the American  public.


Where were the others cult members?


At  their first press conference, the Americans claimed that the Guyanese  "could not count." These local people had carried out the gruesome job  of counting the bodies, and later assisted American troops in the  process of poking holes in the flesh lest they explode from the gasses  of decay. Then the Americans proposed another theory -- they had missed  seeing a pile of bodies at the back of the pavilion. The structure was  the size of a small house, and they had been at the scene for days.  Finally, we were given the official reason for the discrepancy --  bodies had fallen on top of other bodies, adults covering children.


It was a simple, if morbid, arithmetic that led to the first  suspicions. The 408 bodies discovered at first count would have to be  able to cover 505 bodies for a total of 913. In addition, those who  first worked on the bodies would have been unlikely to miss bodies  lying beneath each other since each body had to be punctured.  Eighty-two of the bodies first found were those of children, reducing  the number that could have been hidden below others. A search of nearly  150 photographs, aerial and close-up, fails to show even one body lying  under another, much less 500.



It seemed the first reports were true, 400 had died, and 700 had fled  to the jungle. The American authorities claimed to have searched for  people who had escaped, but found no evidence of any in the surrounding  area. At least a hundred Guyanese troops were among the first to  arrive, and they were ordered to search the jungle for survivors. In  the area, at the same time, British Black Watch troops were on  "training exercises," with nearly 600 of their best-trained commandos.  Soon, American Green Berets were on site as well. The presence of these  soldiers, specially trained in covert killing operations, may explain  the increasing numbers of bodies that appeared.


How did the other cult members die?


Most of the photographs show the bodies in neat rows, face down. There  are few exceptions. Close shots indicate drag marks, as though the  bodies were positioned by someone after death. Is it possible that the  700 who fled were rounded up by these troops, brought back to Jonestown  and added to the body count?


If so, the bodies would indicate the cause of death. A new word was  coined by the media, "suicide-murder." But which was it? Autopsies and  forensic science are a developing art. The detectives of death use a  variety of scientific methods and clues to determine how people die,  when they expire, and the specific cause of death. Dr. Mootoo, the top  Guyanese pathologist, was at Jonestown within hours after the massacre.  Refusing the assistance of U.S. pathologists, he accompanied the teams  that counted the dead, examined the bodies, and worked to identify the  deceased. While the American press screamed about the "Kool-Aid  Suicides," Dr. Mootoo was reaching a much different opinion.



There are certain signs that show the types of poisons that lead to the  end of life. Cyanide blocks the messages from the brain to the muscles  by changing body chemistry in the central nervous system. Even the  "involuntary" functions like breathing and heartbeat get mixed neural  signals. It is a painful death, breath coming in spurts. The other  muscles spasm, limbs twist and contort. The facial muscles draw back  into a deadly grin, called "cyanide rictus." All these telling signs  were absent in the Jonestown dead. Limbs were limp and relaxed, and the  few visible faces showed no sign of distortion.


Instead, Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the left  shoulder blades of 80-90% of the victims. Others had been shot or  strangled and a majority showed signs of being held down or restrained  prior to injection.


One survivor reported that those who resisted were forced by armed  guards. The gun that reportedly shot Jim Jones was lying nearly 200  feet from his body, not a likely suicide weapon. As Chief Medical  Examiner, Mootoo's testimony to the Guyanese grand jury investigating  Jonestown led to their conclusion that all but three of the people were murdered by "persons unknown." Only two had committed suicide they said. Several pictures show the  gun-shot wounds on the bodies as well. The U.S. Army spokesman, Lt.  Col. Schuler, said, "No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not  an issue here." The forensic doctors who later did autopsies at Dover,  Delaware, were never made aware of Dr. Mootoo's findings.


A Cover-Up. But Of What?


There are other indications that the Guyanese government participated  with American authorities in the extermination of the cult members and  then covered-up the real story. One good example was Guyanese Police  Chief Lloyd Barker, who interfered with investigations, helped  "recover" 2.5 million for the Guyanese government, and was often the  first to officially announce the cover stories relating to suicide,  body counts and survivors. Among the first to the scene were the wife  of Guyanese Prime Minister Forbes Burnham and his Deputy Prime  Minister, Ptolemy Reid. They returned from the massacre site with  nearly $1 million in cash, gold and jewelry taken from the buildings  and from the dead. Inexplicably, one of Burnham's political party  secretaries had visited the site of the massacre only hours before it  occurred. When Shirley Field Ridley, Guyanese Minister of Information,  announced the change in the body count to the shocked Guyanese  parliament, she refused to answer further questions. Other  representatives began to point a finger of shame at Ridley and the  Burnham government, and the local press dubbed the scandal  "Templegate." All accused them of taking a ghoulish payoff.


Perhaps more significantly, the Americans brought in 16 huge C-131  cargo planes, but claimed they could only carry 36 caskets in each one.  These aircraft can carry tanks, trucks, troops and ammunition all in  one load. At the scene, bodies were stripped of identification,  including the medical wrist tags visible in many early photos. Dust-off  operations during Vietnam clearly demonstrated that the military is  capable of moving hundreds of bodies in a short period. Instead, they  took nearly a week to bring back the Jonestown dead, bringing in the  majority at the end of the period. The corpses, rotting in the heat,  made autopsy impossible. At one point, the remains of 183 people  arrived in 82 caskets. Although the Guyanese had identified 174 bodies  at the site, only 17 (later 46) were tentatively identified at the  massive military mortuary in Dover, Delaware.



[Above: Jones is handed a note by Ryan that was passed to him by  members seeking to leave with the Congressman. This upsets Jones who  then apparently gives orders for the murder to supress the truth of  what was really going on in Jonestown.]


In December, the President of the National Association of Medical  Examiners complained in an open letter to the U.S. military that they  "badly botched" procedures, and that a simple fluid autopsy was never  performed at the point of discovery. Decomposition, embalming and  cremation made further forensic work impossible. The long delay made it  impossible to reconstruct the event. As noted, these military doctors  were unaware of Dr. Mootoo's conclusions. Several civilian pathology  experts said they "shuddered at the ineptness" of the military, and  that their autopsy method was "doing it backwards." But in official  statements, the U.S. attempted to discredit the Guyanese grand jury  findings, saying they had uncovered "few facts."


Guyanese troops, who had arrived with American Embassy officiala and CIA operative, Richard Dwyer,  also failed to defend Congressman Leo Ryan and others who came to  Guyana with him when they were shot down in cold blood at the Port  Kaituma airstrip, even though the troops were nearby with machine guns  at the ready. Witnesses described the murderers as "zombies," walking  mechanically, without emotion, and "looking through you, not at you" as  they murdered. Only certain people were killed, and the selection was  clearly planned. Certain wounded people, like Ryan's aide Jackie  Speiers, were not harmed further, but the killers made sure that Ryan  and the newsmen were dead. In some cases they shot people, already  wounded, directly in the head.


Richard Dwyer was a known CIA agent who accompanied Ryan on his fact finding trip. He is seen [Above] in a film of Ryan's departure securing his boarding pass. Later [Above]  he can be seen accompanying Ryan to the small plane before the murders  of Ryan and other members of the team. He mysteriously parts from the  group just before the shooting begins.


It is believed that Dwyer was aware of the impending massacre and had a special relationship with  Jones. A tape found at the camp recorded the voice of Jones telling his  guards, "Get Dwyer out of here before something happens to him." Later,  a radio transmission on a special CIA frequency reported the massacre  -- a transmission believed made by Dwyer after he terminated Jones.


Who Was Jim Jones?


In order to understand the strange events surrounding Jonestown, we  must begin with a history of the people involved. The official story of  a religious fanatic and his idealist followers doesn't make sense in  light of the evidence of murders, armed killers and autopsy cover-ups.  If it happened the way we were told, there should be no reason to try  to hide the facts from the public, and full investigation into the  deaths at Jonestown, and the murder of Leo Ryan would have been  welcomed. What did happen is something else again. Why?


Jim Jones grew up in Lynn, in southern Indiana. His father was an  active member of the local Ku Klux Klan that infest that area. His  friends found him a little strange, and he was interested in preaching  the Bible and religious rituals. Perhaps more important was his boyhood  friendship with Dan Mitrione,  confirmed by local residents. In the early 50s, Jones set out to be a  religious minister, and was ordained at one point by a Christian  denomination in Indianapolis. It was during this period that he met and  married his lifelong mate, Marceline. He also had a small business  selling monkeys, purchased from the research department at Indiana  State University in Bloomington.


A Bible-thumper and faith healer, Jones put on revivalist tent shows in the area, and worked close to Richmond, Indiana. Mitrione,  his friend, worked as chief of police there, and kept him from being  arrested or run out of town. According to those close to him, he used  wet chicken livers as evidence of "cancers" he was removing by "divine  powers." His landlady called him "a gangster who used a Bible instead  of a gun."


Dan Mitrione, Jones' friend, moved on to the CIA-financed  International Police Academy, where police were trained in  counter-insurgency and torture techniques from around the world. Jones,  a poor, itinerant preacher, suddenly had money in 1961 for a trip to  "minister" in Brazil, and he took his family with him. His neighbors in  Brazil distrusted him. Although he didn't speak Portugese or have any  visible job, he maintained a large apartment and lived well. He told  them he worked with U.S. Navy Intelligence. His transportation and  groceries were being provided by the U.S. Embassy as was the large  house he lived in. His son, Stephan, commented that he made regular  trips to Belo Horizonte, site of the CIA headquarters in Brazil. In  reality, Jones was known to be studying the mind control techniques of  Voodoo cults and religions such as Santa Ria, which controlled and  manipulated their followers with drugs, exotic rituals, fake miracles,  fear and magic. An American police advisor, working closely with the  CIA at that point, Dan Mitrione was there as well.Mitrione had  risen in the ranks quickly, and was busy training foreign police in  torture and assassination methods. He was later kidnapped by Tupermaro  guerillas in Uruguay, interrogated and murdered. Jones returned to the  United States in 1963, with $10,000 in his pocket.


With his new wealth, Jones was able to travel to California and  establish the first People's Temple in Ukiah, California, in 1965.  Guarded by dogs, electric fences and guard towers, he set up Happy  Havens Rest Home. Despite a lack of trained personnel, or proper  licensing, Jones drew in many people at the camp. He had elderly,  prisoners, people from psychiatric institutions, and 150 foster  children, often transferred to care at Happy Havens by court orders. He  systematically assembled a large population of people with few  attachments that would represent a cross-section of society and would  be under his control. But for what?



After his arrival in Ukiah, his methods were visible to those who took  the time to investigate. His armed guards wore black uniforms and  leather jackboots. His approach was one of deception, and if that wore  off, then manipulation and threats. Loyalty to his church included  signing blank sheets of paper, later filled in with "confessions' and  used for blackmail purposes, or to extort funds. Yet the vast  membership he was extorting often owned little, and he tried to milk  them for everything, from personal funds to land deeds. Illegal  activities were regularly reported during this period, but either not  investigated or unresolved. He clearly had the cooperation of local  police. Years later, evidence would come out of charges of sexual  solicitation, mysteriously dropped.


Although the new Temple had no guards or fences to restrict members,  few had other places to live, and many had given over all they owned to  Jones. They felt trapped inside this community that preached love, but  practiced hatred.


What Was Jonestown... Really?


According  to one story, Jones was seeking a place on earth that would survive the  effects of nuclear war, relying only on an article in Esquire magazine  for his list. The real reason for his locations in Brazil, California,  Guyana and elsewhere deserve more scrutiny. At one point Jones wanted  to set up in Grenada, and he invited then-Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy  to visit the Temple in San Francisco. He invested $200,000 in the  Grenada National Bank in 1977 to pave the way, and some $76,000 was  still there after the massacre. His final choice, the Matthew's Ridge  section in Guyana is an interesting one. It was originally the site of  a Union Carbide bauxite and manganese mine, and Jones used the dock  they left behind. At an earlier point, it had been one of seven  possible sites chosen for the relocation of the Jews after World War II.


Once chosen, the site was leased and worked on by a select crew of  Temple members in preparation for the arrival of the body of the  church. But if these were idealists seeking a better life, their  arrival in "Utopia" was a strange welcome. Piled into busses in San  Francisco, they had driven to Florida. From there, Pan American charter  planes delivered them to Guyana. When they arrived at the airport, the  Blacks were taken off the plane, bound and gagged. The deception had  finally been stripped bare of all pretense. The Blacks were so isolated  and controlled that neighbors as close as five miles from the site did  not know that Blacks lived at Jonestown. The only public  representatives seen in Guyana were white. Guyanese children were  "bought" also.


According  to survivors' reports, they entered a virtual slave labor camp. Worked  for 16 to 18 hours daily, they were forced to live in cramped quarters  on minimum rations, usually rice, bread and sometimes rancid meat. Kept  on a schedule of physical and mental exhaustion, they were also forced  to stay awake at night and listen to lectures by Jones. Threats and  abuse became more common. The camp medical staff under Dr. Lawrence  Schacht was known to perform painful suturing without anaesthetic. They  administered drugs, and kept daily medical records.


A Mind Control Experiment Gone Crazy


Jonestown was an experiment, part of a 30-year program called MK-ULTRA,  the CIA and military intelligence code name for mind control. A close  study of Senator Ervin's 1974 report, Individual Rights and the  Government's Role in Behavior Modification, shows that these agencies  had certain "target populations" in mind, for both individual and mass  control. Blacks, women, prisoners, the elderly, the young, and inmates  of psychiatric wards were selected as "potentially violent." There were  plans in California at the time for a Center for the Study and  Reduction of Violence, expanding on the horrific work of Dr. José  Delgado, Drs. Mark and Ervin, and Dr. Jolly West, experts in  implantation, psychosurgery, and tranquilizers. The guinea pigs were to  be drawn from the ranks of the "target populations," and taken to an  isolated military missile base in California. In that same period,  Jones began to move his Temple members to Jonestown. They were the  exact population selected for such tests. All of the population  received daily medical exams and wore medical identification bracelets.


The meticulous daily notes and drug records kept by Larry Schacht, the  camp doctor, disappeared, but evidence did not. Jeff Brillie, who  helped with the "clean up" operation was asked to guard a metal case  containing thousands of files. He was told to shoot anyone who tried to  take them from him and that they contained "highly sensitive"  information. He later turned the files over to CIA agents who denied  that such records existed when questioned by a congressional  investigation. The history of MK-ULTRA and its sister programs  (MK-DELTA, ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, etc.) records a combination of drugs,  drug mixtures, electroshock and torture as methods for control. The  desired results ranged from temporary and permanent amnesia,  uninhibited confessions, and creation of second personalities, to  programmed assassins and preconditioned suicidal urges. One goal was  the ability to control mass populations, especially for cheap labor.  Dr. Delgado told Congress that he hoped for a future where a technology  would control workers in the field and troops at war with electronic  remote signals. He found it hard to understand why people would  complain about electrodes implanted in their brains to make them "both  happy and productive."


The people of the People's Temple were little more than experimental  "rats," being drugged and monitored by daily medical exams and  miticulous records of their health and behavioral changes. Once the  terrible experiment was discovered there was nothing else to do but  exterminate them and crush any link to the CIA's experimental mind  control program.


On  the scene at Jonestown, Guyanese troops discovered a large cache of  drugs, enough to drug the entire population of Georgetown, Guyana (well  over 200,000) for more than a year. According to survivors, these were  being used regularly "to control" a population of only 1,100 people.  One footlocker contained 11,000 doses of thorazine, a dangerous  tranquilizer. Drugs used in the testing for MK-ULTRA were found in  abundance, including sodium pentathol (a truth serum), chloral hydrate  (a hypnotic), demerol, thalium (confuses thinking), and many others.  Schacht had supplies of haliopareael and largatil as well, two other  major tranquilizers. The actual description of life at Jonestown is  that of a tightly run concentration camp, complete with medical and  psychiatric experimentation. The stresses and isolation of the victims  is typical of sophisticated brainwashing techniques. The drugs and  special tortures add an additional experimental aspect to the horror.  This more clearly explains the medical tags on the bodies, and why they  had to be removed. It also suggests an additional motive for  frustrating any chemical autopsies, since these drugs would have been  found in the system of the dead.


The story of Jonestown is that of a gruesome experiment, not a  religious utopian society. One Temple director, Joyce Shaw, described  the Jonestown massacre as, "some kind of horrible government  experiments, or some sort of sick racial thing, a plan like that of the  Germans to exterminate Blacks." If we refuse to look further into this  nightmarish event, there will be more Jonestowns to come. They will  move from Guyana to our own back yard.


The ultimate victims of mind control at Jonestown are the American  people. If we fail to look beyond the constructed images given us by  the television and the press, then our consciousness is manipulated,  just as well as the Jonestown victims' was. If the discrepancy between  the truth of Jonestown and the official version can be so great, what  other lies have we been told about other major events?

Is CIA counterfeiting dollars?

Source: Global Research

by Klaus W. Bender

“Sources allege that the CIA prints the falsified 'Supernotes' at a secret facility near Washington to fund covert operations without Congressional oversight.”

The American secret service, the CIA, could be responsible for manufacturing the nearly-perfect counterfeit 50 and 100-dollar-notes that Washington pins on the terror regime of North Korea. The charge comes after an extensive investigation in Europe and Asia by the Sunday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung of Frankfurt, and after interviews with counterfeit money experts and leading representatives of the high-security publishing industry.

The U.S.-dollar forgeries designated "Supernotes," which are so good that even specialists are unable to distinguish them from genuine notes, have circulated for almost two decades without a reliable identification of the culprits. Because of their extraordinary quality, experts assume that some country must be behind the enterprise.

The administration of George W. Bush officially accused Pyongyang of the deed in the autumn of 2005, derailing Six-Party Talks on Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program. Since then, tensions on the Korean Peninsula have increased considerably. America charges that North Korea is financing its rocket and nuclear weapons program with the counterfeit "Supernotes."

North Korea is one of the world's poorest nations and lacks the technological capability to produce notes of such high quality. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung, North Korea is at present unable to even produce the won [the North Korean currency]. The sources, which do not wish to be identified, allege that the CIA prints the falsified "Supernotes" at a secret facility near Washington to fund covert operations without Congressional oversight.

The hidden agenda of the global elite in Somalia

Source: Infowars

By Steve Watson

This week has seen the latest example of the US power elite bombing a broken-backed country in the name of the global 'war on terror'. The phantom menace of 'Al Qaeda' has again provided a pretext for the further destruction and destabilization of struggling state, this time Somalia, in order that the Western elite power-mongers can move in and control its valuable resources.

The Bush Administration is essentially asking us to expect to believe that it is bombing a country in an attempt to kill three terrorists– Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, the alleged mastermind behind the 1998 attacks on the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, that killed 225 people, and accomplices Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan and Abu Talha al-Sudani.

The Somali government has today claimed that four more airstrikes have been carried out, killing more innocent people. The US has denied this. Also today, a senior Somali politician said US troops were needed on the ground to fight a Muslim extremist threat.

Monday's strike reportedly killed around 200 people, including Canadian and British citizens.

Critics of the action have said it could misfire by creating strong Somali resentment and feeding Islamist militancy. Analysts fear that US interfering and backing of one Somali faction against another could ignite an Iraqi-style insurgency across a swath of East Africa.

There is no doubt that this is a part of the escalation of the wider war of aggression planned and executed by the neoconservatives who published their Project For the New American Century before they came to power.

"Before this, it was just tacit support for Ethiopia. Now the U.S. has fingerprints on the intervention and is going to be held more accountable," said Horn of Africa expert Ken Menkhaus. "This has the potential for a backlash both in Somalia and the region."

The truth is that, once again, the terror myth is being promulgated as an excuse to unleash violence against a largely innocent Muslim population, and one that has struggled for a peaceful existence for decades.

As prominent blogger Kurt Nimmo has stated:

"In other words, it was a turkey shoot, and the targets were not necessarily “al-Qaeda” but rather members of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), Muslims who not long ago ruled Somalia under the Shariah, or Islamic law. CBS does not bother to mention the fact ICU was popular in Somalia, a Muslim nation."

Last December, the popular ICU lost control of the country after a short lived form of peace. The UIC had controlled Mogadishu and other areas of the country after defeating several local warlords who held Somalia in the grip of terror since the collapse of central rule in 1991. The Islamists had succeeded in defeating the warlords primarily through rallying people to their side by creating law and order through the application of Shariah law, which Somalis universally practice.

15,000 Ethiopian troops, with U.S. backing, invaded in an illegal war of aggression and ousted the IUC leaders who fled to the southern-most tip of the country.

Many Somalis in areas controlled by the UIC welcomed the security and order that the Islamists brought to the country. The Bush Administration is playing on reports that the Islamists are 'Taliban like' and is lumping them in with 'Al Qaeda' terrorists.

But the UIC does not appear to be a monolithic organization and seems split between moderates who want peace and dialogue and more right wing Muslims who want to impose Muslim Sharia law. In any case neither have the means or the desire to commit an almighty Jihad against the West, they are simply concerned with creating some kind of law and order within Somalia.

The US response has been to provide major funding to the warlord groupings, via the Ethiopian army, that are opposed to the UIC. Before bombing the hell out of villages on Monday, the Bush Administration has long been providing backing to ruthless killers intent on keeping Somalia in civil strife because it benefits each warlord's plundering rule to keep the nation carved up.

These are the same marauding warlords who drove out American forces in 1993, killing and maiming 18 US troops in the streets then dragging their bodies around in celebration.

Many of these warlords were part of the puppet regime transitional "government" that had been organized in Kenya in 2004. But the "government" was so devoid of internal support that it had to turn to Somalia's arch enemy, Ethiopia, to maintain control.

So why are the US power elite funding sectarian warlords in Somalia and now bombing Islamist areas of the country?

Because the control of Somalia via puppet government, just like in Iraq, is a key factor in the Neocon plan to "shrink the non-integrating gap" of the new world order, as Thomas Barnett's 'New Map' of the world has it.

As with Iraq, the real agenda is to obtain a direct foothold in a highly strategic region. The Horn of Africa is newly oil-rich, and lies just miles from Saudi Arabia, overlooking the daily passage of large numbers of oil tankers and warships through the Red Sea.

Click to enlarge

Not surprising then that multiple US warships and Ticonderoga-class cruisers are now stalking the coastline off Somalia and routinely sending intelligence-gathering flights over the country. The location is also prime in order to be able to instantly mobilize forces for any conflict with Iran at the drop of a hat.

The American oil giants Conoco, Amoco, Chevron and Phillips also hold concession rights in Somalia. According to the Los Angeles Times, “corporate and scientific documents disclosed that the American companies are well positioned to pursue Somalia’s most promising potential oil reserves the moment the nation is pacified,” - i.e. kill the "Islamofascists" and install a weak and pandering government that could never control its own resources well enough to compete with the Western global elite.

“Somalia is of geostrategic interest to the Bush administration, and the focus of operations and policy since 2001,” writes Larry Chin. “This focus is a continuation of long-term policies of both the Clinton administration and the George H.W. Bush administrations. Somalia’s resources have been eyed by Western powers since the days of the British Empire.”

“A new US cleansing of Somalian ‘tyranny’ would open the door for these US oil companies to map and develop the possibly huge oil potential in Somalia,” notes F. William Engdahl. “Yemen and Somalia are two flanks of the same geological configuration, which holds large potential petroleum deposits, as well as being the flanks of the oil chokepoint from the Red Sea.”

Of course the American public will simply be told that we're after 'Al Qaeda' because of 9/11, and they will buy it again. No matter that operatives involved in the African bombings at the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were admittedly working for the CIA. Nah, that's a side issue, LOOK AMERICA, Al Zawahiri said Somalia is Islamofascist, so we gotta bomb the hell out of it and control it's oil - just get used to it.

How to go out of your mind - The LSD Crisis

"Statistics show that taking LSD is no more dangerous than signing up for a four year course at Harvard College" - Timothy Leary

Back in the 1960's a former Harvard professor stopped giving A's, B's and C's and started handing out LSD. his name was tomothy Leary and he was at the center of a controversy in North America over the growing use of psychedelic drugs. Leary ran a research center in New York state where young people took 'acid' while he took notes. The media took notice.

Full-screen mode

Download: MP4 (iPod format) - AVI (Original format)

Velikovsky, Einstein, Planet X and the 3600 year cycle

Source: Zetatalk

ZetaTalk is a website run by a woman named Nancy who claims to be in contact with alien beings through channeling, she claims they give her all kinds of information about the future and past of mankind and the mysteries of the universe.
-Alex at Dark-Truth.org

By Nancy / ZetaTalk

Who was Immanuel Velikovsky?

He was a peer of Einstein, and they played chess together often.

In fact, when Einstein died, he was in the process of reading his friend Velikovsky's book, Earth in Upheaval, as he was found sprawled over this
book, laid open on his desk, when he died.

Or perhaps there was something particularly upsetting, in the book.

Einstein was aware of periodic global cataclysms, the puzzle as to why they occurred, an issue he and Velikovsky debated, apparently.

Einstein espoused Hapgood's sliding crust theory, as an explanation for wandering poles, stating this was the best explanation for what the Earth stands
in evidence of.

Sliding crust, periodic cataclysms?

If this sounds like pole shift caused by the periodic passage of the Planet of the Crossing, aka Nibiru or Planet X, that's exactly what everyone was
looking at and trying to puzzle out.

But at the time, they were only suspecting a passing planet might have caused the chaos, because folklore reported this had been sighted.

During the era of Einstein and Velikovsky, knowledge of Planet X was not yet in available.

It was discovered in 1983 by NASA and JPL, and Sitchin's translations of ancient Summerian documents, detailing their knowledge of the Planet of the
Crossing, Nibiru, passing through every 3,600 years, had not yet been done.

Thus, Einstein and Velikovsky puzzled, looking at the evidence the Earth provided.

ZetaTalk: Velikovsky, written on Aug 15, 1995.

Immanuel Velikovsky was a genius on par with Einstein, which is a fact seldom mentioned by his detractors. Both he and Einstein were
Star Children, and indeed were friends who engaged in the type of friendly argument only two geniuses could engage in.

Velikovsky's Mission was to set mankind to thinking about the periodic cataclysms that have so dramatically left their mark on the
Earth and human history. Like Einstein, he was berated for presenting what most of mankind does not want to think about - bad news.

Mountains obviously thrown skyward under extreme pressure, the ruins of great civilizations with no reason for demise, flash frozen
carcasses of healthy mastodons with no evident cause of death - all this is put over the wall and not dealt with.

Was Velikovsky vilified?

No pun intended, but he was indeed attacked, his books documenting solid evidence of what the Earth herself says about periodic cataclysms, banned
from libraries and schools.

Ages in Chaos and his second book, Worlds in Collision, dealt with the period around the Jewish Exodus, the time of the last pole shift.

Ages in Chaos documented the physical history of the era, and Worlds in Collision had as it's emphasis the political and cultural history.

In Velikovsky's words, from the forward in his book, Ages in Choas:

Ages in Chaos, forward

Unable to prove the book or any part of it wrong or any quoted document spurious, the members of that group indulged in outbursts
of unscientific fury. They suppressed the book in the hands of its first publisher by the threat of a boycott of all the company's

Despite the fact that when the book was already on the presses the publisher agreed to submit it to the censorship of three prominent
scientists and it passed that censorship. When a new publisher took the book over, this group tried to suppress it there, too, by threats.

They forced the dismissal of a scientist and an editor who openly took an objective stand, and thus drove many members of academic
faculties into clandestine reading of Worlds in Collision and correspondence with its author.

Why? Because he carried a message that frightened people, the message that such cataclysms had happened to mankind before, and could happen

The messenger was attacked. Not an uncommon story. as I, the ZetaTalk emissary delivering the ZetaTalk message about the coming pole shift, know

Carl Sagan, more or less on his death bed, had this to say about Velikovsky.

Quote from Carl Sagan, in his book Cosmos, 1980, page 91.

The worst aspect of the Velikovsky affair is not that his hypotheses were wrong or in contradiction to firmly established facts, but that
some who called themselves scientists attempted to suppress Velikovsky's work.

Science is generated by and devoted to free inquiry: the idea that any hypothesis, no matter how strange, deserves to be considered on
its merits. The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the path to knowledge; it has
no place in the endeavor of science.

Velikovsky's books, published before his death in 1955, when out of print, But I got my set of his three books from

Buccaneer Books, Inc.,

P.O. Box 168,

Cutchogue, New York 11935.

Velikkovsky's approach was scientific, using well documented evidence and cross checking everything, looking for patterns.

In his words:

Ages in Chaos, forward

I searched the records of one land after another and went from one generation to another, taking from everywhere hints and clues,
evidence and proof. Because I had to discover and to collate them, this book is written like a detective story.

Why was it necessary to be a detective, and put the pieces of the puzzle together?

Because after a pole shift, written record keeping goes to heck, and records get lost.

It is without argument that the Egyptian census keepers stopped taking the census, and the records were strewn about, with no other cause for the
wreck than a geological catastrophe.

The Jewish slaves walked away from their master, old women and toddlers alike.

Egyptian record keeping did not pick up again for hundreds of years, a gap great enough that no one is certain, from the records, just WHEN the
Jewish Exodus occurred.

ZetaTalk: Lost Records, written on Sep 15, 1999.

During cataclysms, and for many hundreds of years following, people become terribly discombobulated. Look what happened to the
Egyptian records after the last pole shift. The Jewish Exodus occurred, with the Jews able to leave their slavehood taking their old,
their lame, and their babes in arms with them.

They escaped, one and all from their captors, not because they were all that swift, but because their captors were very distracted. The
hail, the insects disturbed by the groaning in the Earth and running in every direction, the volcanic eruptions, the earthquakes, and the
fact that they were experiencing a very long day, the Sun quite noticeably slowed in its progression across the sky - all this distracted
the Egyptians.

After the last cataclysms, the very careful Egyptian records which kept census, the grain stores which maintained the rich - all this
went to Hell. And for centuries afterwards, people lost track of just how many years passed until records began to be kept again. This
happened all over the world, during each cataclysm. What happened to the great cities of China? Records are disrupted.

Because the conclusion, that the catastrophe experienced during that era was great and caused by a passing body in the sky, the message was rejected,
attacked as being only folklore, based on stories, and thus a wrong conclusion.

Thus, his last book, Earth in Upheaval, took the focus on concentrating on geological evidence, collected by OTHERS, in other words, scientific and
unarguable FACT.

What are some of the FACTS that Velikovsky located and put as pieces of the puzzle into the whole?

I quote from Earth in Upheaval.

Velikovsky Earth in Upheaval

The Ivory Islands, pages 4-6

In 1797 the body of a mammoth, with flesh, skin, and hair, was found in northeastern Siberia. The flesh had the appearance of freshly
frozen beef; it was edible, and wolves and sled dogs fed on it without harm. The ground must have been frozen ever since the day of
their entombment; had it not been frozen, the bodies of the mammoths would have putrefied in a single summer, but they remained
unspoiled for some thousands of years. In some mammoths, when discovered, even the eyeballs were still preserved.

(All) this shows that the cold became suddenly extreme .. and knew no relenting afterward. In the stomachs and between the teeth of
the mammoths were found plants and grasses that do not grow now in northern Siberia .. (but are) .. now found in southern Siberia.
Microscopic examination of the skin showed red blood corpuscles, which was proof not only of a sudden death, but that the death was
due to suffocation either by gases or water.

Was Velikovsky wrong? Not by a long shot.

Recently more evidence, and more carcasses, have been unearthed, one in Finland, an episode that was published in Discovery magazine and on TV
shows in 1999.

I quote from the pages of the Troubled Times website.

According to Discovery magazine, April 1999, the American Mastodon roamed here for about 4 million years until about
11,500 years ago. Another type, the Mammuthus primigenius, roamed around 400,000 years until 3,900 years ago. Both
extinction times could be multiples of 3,600 years.

The heyday of the woolly mammoth was the Pleistocene Epoch, stretching from 1.8 million years ago to the end of the last ice
age 11,000 years ago. Mammoths thrived particularly well in Siberia, where dry grasslands once stretched for hundreds of
miles, supporting a vibrant ecosystem of mammoths, bison, and other jumbo herbivores. ..

The mammoth fossils on Wrangel Island are the youngest that have ever been found. It was there, apparently, that mammoths
made their last stand. They died out only 3,800 years ago.

Then, an excerpt from a recent Discovery program on the frozen mammoth carcasses:

It had always been thought that the mammoth died out about ten thousand years ago, with the end of the ice age, but the tusk
appeared to be 7,000 years old. It was so unlikely, so Buttanyan tested five more tusks, but the new dates pointed to an even
more remarkable conclusion.

Hidden up here [Rangell Island] in the Arctic, the mammoth hadn't just survived the end of the ice age, it was walking these
hills at the time of the Egyptian Pharaos, only 3500 years ago. This discovery has led to the re-examination of the complex
chain of 'cause and effect' that made mammoths die out everywhere else.

And the Zetas state it is NO accident that their frozen state indicates the crust of the Earth moved INTO the polar circle.

This is what happens during pole shifts.

ZetaTalk: Mastodons, written on Jul 15, 2001

The Mastodon [or mammoth] is a species that went extinct during the past few pole shifts, primarily when the grasslands they
browsed in Siberia were drawn rapidly into the new polar circle. But where drawn into water and drown, and then far enough north,
the Mastodons were flash frozen.

If the Mastodons were not flash frozen, they would be in some sort of state of decay - perhaps the skin preserved, but the internal
organs a mush. This is not the case, as your recent documentaries on the frozen state of these preserved beasts shows!

So if flash frozen, and frozen steadily since that date, then how did the Mastodons get green grass and buttercups in their stomachs? A
fast trot to the Arctic Circle? Does anyone presume they ate snow? These were herbivors! Their grasslands were moved during poles

The remains of Mastodons that were not far enough into the polar circle to be completely frozen are bones and the ivory that has been
harvested from the Ivory Islands for centuries. The bodies rotted, the Ivory did not. A wealth of ivory, with no flesh to disturb those
shipping the tusks off to become piano keys.

I quote again from Earth in Upheaval.

Velikovsky Earth in Upheaval

Dropped Ocean Level, pages 181-183

Daly observed that in a great many places all around the world there is a uniform emergence of the shore line of 18 to 20 feet. In the
southwest Pacific, on the islands belonging to the Samoan group but spread over two hundred miles, the same emergence is evident.

Nearly halfway around the world, at St. Helena in the South Atlantic, the lava is punctuated by dry sea caves, the floors of which are
covered with water-worn pebbles, now dusty because untouched by the surf. The emergence there is also 20 feet.

At the Cape of Good Hope caves and beaches also prove recent and sensibly uniform emergence to the extent of about 20 feet.

Marine terraces, indicating similar emergence, are found along the Atlantic coast from New York to the Gulf of Mexico; for at least
1,000 miles along the coast of eastern Australia; along the coasts of Brazil, southwest Africa, and many islands in the Pacific, Atlantic,
and Indian Oceans.

The emergence is recent as well as of the same order of magnitude, (20 feet). Judging from the condition of beaches, terraces, and
caves, the emergence seems to have been simultaneous on every shore.

In (Daly's) opinion the cause lies in the sinking of the level of all seas on the globe. Alternatively, Daly thinks it could have resulted
from a deepening of the oceans or from an increase in their areas. Of special interest is the time of the change. Daly estimated the
sudden drop of oceanic level to (have occurred) some 3,000 to 4,000 years ago.

There's that multiple of 3,600 again!

Was Velikovsky wrong? Not by a long shot!

Scientists Challenge Conventional Sea Level Theory

ABC News, December 3, 1999

Australian scientists say they have discovered evidence of rapid change in world sea levels and of a dramatic fall in geologically recent
times - directly challenging current conventional wisdom.

Dr Robert Baker of the University of New England, in the New South Wales country town of Armidale, has tapped the secrets of worm
coatings on once-submerged rocks to shake established theory that sea levels are presently as high as they have ever been.

Based on height measurements of worm coatings on rocks now well above sea level, and carbon dating tests which show them to be as
recent as 3,500 years old, Baker argues that sea levels have not been steady since the last ice age, as is commonly believed.

Instead, he told Australia's ABC television, it changed rapidly 3,000-5,000 years ago. It means that the whole natural system is
unstable. Baker and his colleagues at New England University say the sea level may have fallen quickly 3,500 years ago, by as much
as a meter in just 10-50 years.

The conventional wisdom has been that sea levels haven't been higher. (Contrary) evidence was something that they weren't prepared
to accept. Baker's theories, which he first aired 20 years ago, were initially rejected, but are now about to receive a wider audience
with their publication in the respected journal Marine Biology.

3,500 years ago? Humm, pretty close to that 3,600 signature we're tracking.

And if humans struggle with the cause, the Zetas, as usual, can explain.

ZetaTalk: Prior Shift, written on Mar 15, 1998.

You will not find the prior South Pole, as there, out over water, a 3,600 old melt and rebuilding left no trace. But the prior North Pole
should leave no doubt, as the Island of Greenland, with volcanoes melting the glaciers away in great floods, is still more heavy with ice
than all that has accumulated over the current water born poles to date, within the past 3,600 years.

Prior to the last pole shift there was a slightly colder Europe, a slightly warmer Russia. And why did the continents rend, so that the
oceans dropped such a significant degree into the rifts, during the last shift? The crust was jerked to and fro, rapidly.

The violent passage was enough to heave the floor of the Red Sea, and to heap the waters up into glass mountains, so a desperate
band of Jews could dash forward to safety, with this dash their only choice other than a brutal and vengeful death for all.

If the deep ocean rift in the Atlantic was where the waters of the oceans went, to drop the sea level 18-20 feet worldwide,

has this ever been the reverse?

I quote from the respected Journal Science.

Antarctic Ice Sheet Key to Sudden Sea Level Rise

University of Toronto, April 2002, Volume 2, Issue 3

Physicists from Canada, the United States and Britain have concluded that a massive and unusually abrupt rise in sea level about
14,000 years ago was caused by the partial collapse of ice sheets in Antarctica, solving a mystery scientists have been heatedly
debating for more than a decade.

Near the end of the last Ice Age, the Earth's sea level rose over 20 metres - four times faster than usual for that time period and at
least 20 times faster than sea levels are rising now, report geophysicists. The cause of this event - called the global meltwater pulse 1A,
first identified in 1989 - has been unknown until now.

The scientists say their research not only pinpoints the source of the meltwater pulse, it also makes the case that significant climatic
events can occur very rapidly and unpredictably.

There's that 3,600 signature again, as 14,200 is a precise multiple of 4 * 3,600!

Frozen mammoths and mastodons, falling and rising sea levels, what else?

I quote again from Earth in Upheaval.

Velikovsky Earth in Upheaval

Shifting Poles, pages 111, 44, and 46

All other theories of the origin of the Ice Age having failed, there remained an avenue of approach which already early in the
discussion was chosen by several geologists: a shift in the terrestrial poles. If for some reason the poles had moved, old polar ice would
have moved out of the Arctic and Antarctic circles and into new regions.

The glacial cover of the Ice Age could have been the polar icecap of an earlier epoch. The continent of Antarctica is larger than
Europe. It has not a single tree, not a single bush, not a single blade of grass. Very few fungi have been found. Storms of great velocity
circle the Antarctic most of the year.

Shackleton, during his expedition to Antarctica in 1907 found fossil wood in the sandstone. Then he discovered 7 seams of coal. The
seams are each between 3 and 7 feet thick. Associated with the coal is sandstone containing coniferous wood.

Spitsbergen in the Arctic Ocean is as far north from Oslo in Norway as Oslo is from Naples. Heer identified 136 species of fossil plants
from Spitsbergen. Among the plants were pines, firs, spruces, and cypresses, also elms, hazels, and water lilies.

At the northernmost tip of Spitsbergen Archipelago, a bed of black and lustrous coal 25 to 30 feet thick was found. (Spitsbergen) is
buried in darkness for half the year and is now almost continuously buried under snow and ice.

At some time in the remote past corals grew and are still found on the entire fringe of polar North America - in Alaska, Canada, and
Greenland. In later times fig palms bloomed within the Arctic Circle.

Hapburg, a compatriot of Velikovsky, suggested that a crustal shift was the most like explanation for the wandering poles phenomena, and it certainly is
an explanation for the Ice Ages.

How could it be that the last Ice Age, over France, was possible when at the SAME TIME Siberia, at the same latitude, was warmer, grasslands,
where great numbers of mammoths grazed, herbivores, cousins of elephants, needing to eat grass, year round.

Did the Sun wink out as it passed over France, then blaze when it passed over Siberia?

Clearly, France was further North, and Siberia further South, at that time.

ZetaTalk: Wandering Poles, written on Feb 15, 2002.

Confusion exists over why the ice in Antarctica dates back, apparently, for many pole shift periods. If one analyses the last few shifts,
it becomes apparent that the South Pole was either over, part way, Antarctica, or nearby in the ocean.

When a pole is over water, near land, the land mass retains its ice, under the influence of this large block of ice afloat. This is due to
cold water washing against the land mass, as well as air currents. As we have stated in ZetaTalk,

The prior shift moved the North Pole from Greenland to its present location. Prior to that, it was over the East Siberian Sea, having
pulled Siberia northward where the largest number of mammoth dieoff occurred. Tracing the North Pole over the past few shifts, one
sees that it spent a time over Scandinavia where it resided between the 4th and 5th shift back.

When it moved from Scandinavia into the Arctic north of Siberia, Europe warmed up, its glaciers melting. Prior to Scandinavia, the
North Pole centered over North America.

The last ice age, over France, supposedly ended 10,000 years ago.

10,800 being a multiple of 3,600, that's pretty close to the 3,600 signature!

According to the September 10, 1996 issue of the Seattle Times

The lodgepole pine forest suddenly died 10,900 years ago (3633 x 3).

"The weather here changed so fast and so severely that the forest of the lodgepole pine that had succeeded Ice Age glaciers
died in a blink."

What happened to make Seattle so suddenly cold, 10,900 years ago?

Why, the crust moved, warming France and Scandinavia, and putting the cold spot someplace else.

Per the Zetas, the Ice Ages over France and Scandinavia were between 4 and 5 pole shifts back.

That would put this time frame from between 14,400 years and 18,000 year ago.

Per Early Man in the New World by Kenneth MacGowan, published in 1950, there are charts of major glacial changes 18,000 years ago (3600 x 5),
25,000 years ago (3570 x 7), 40,000 years ago (3636 x 11), and 65,000 years ago (3611 x 18)!

What about this 3,600 year signature?

What does Velikovsky have to say?

Velikovsky Earth in Upheaval

Times and Dates, pages 202-203

Careful investigation by W.A. Johnston of the Niagara River bed disclosed that the present channel was cut by the falls less than 4,000
years ago. And equally careful investigation of the Bear River delta by Hanson showed that the age of this delta was 3,600 years.

The study by Claude Jones of the lakes of the Great Basin showed that these lakes, remnants of larger glacial lakes, have existed only
about 3,500 years. Gales obtained the same result on Owen Lake in California and also Van Winkle on Abert and Summer lakes in

Radiocarbon analysis by Libby also indicates that plants associated with extinct animals (mastodons) in Mexico are probably only
3,500 years old. Similar conclusions concerning the late survival of the Pleistocene fauna were drawn by various field workers in many
parts of the American continent.

Suess and Rubin found with the help of radiocarbon analysis that in the mountains of the western United States ice advanced only
3000 years ago.

The Florida fossil beds at Vero and Melbourne proved - by the artifacts found there together with human bones and the remains of
animals, many of which are extinct - that these fossil beds were deposited between 2,000 and 4,000 years ago.

From observations on beaches in numerous places all over the world, Daly concluded that there was a change in the ocean level,
which dropped sixteen to twenty feet 3,500 years ago. Kuenen and others confirmed Daly's findings with evidence derived from

Others have also taken note.

Lloyd Pye reports:

3600 in geo evidence by Lloyd Pye

Quotes from Cyclostratigraphy

Stratigraphy is the science of reading geological strata, which are ribbon-like layers of rock that were at one time sand, soil, or
volcanic outflow. Sand or soil was washed into place by long extinct rivers, or settled to the bottom of long extinct seas or lakes. Lava
flows appear much quicker and are usually much thicker.

Strata can reveal many things.. What was the magnetic alignment of the Earth when a strata was deposited? Was magnetic north
where it is today? Pointing to the equator? Or to where Zanzibar is now? Strata are the telltales of geologic history. They can provide
views into the past that are often remarkable and sometimes astonishing.

One of the lesser known but highly important aspects of stratigraphy is that it provides an unambiguous record of global catastrophes.
Shifts of the magnetic poles are only one of a range of events chronicled in stone. Earthquakes of great antiquity can be read and
dated. Volcanic eruptions.

Mountains rise and fall. Rivers change course. Flood plains shrink or expand. Glaciers wax and wane. All leave scars on the Earth
that end up in the geologic record. But what causes the seasons to change? Better yet, what causes Ice Ages? What causes the many
fluctuations recorded within each Ice Age? Is there a pattern to any of it? Can there be a recognizable cycle in a river's seasonal
flooding, or Earth's cataclysmic Ice Ages? Yes. ...

As Roger Cunningham was reading through the section of [the Second Edition of the Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and
Prehistory, Farland Publishing, year 2000, a ] book dealing with these matters, something caused him to put on his thinking cap and,
being a number cruncher at heart, he decided to play around with what he had read. It wasn't long before one very important number
literally leaped off the calculator at him: 3600. ...

And none other than Potsdam Institue for Climate Impact has found a similar 3,600 signature.

ABC News, July 15, 1999

The rains stopped coming, the temperature rose and the great grasslands of North Africa turned to desert a few thousand years ago -
changes that may have helped spur development of civilization in the Nile Valley. 4,000 to 3,600 years ago, according to a paper
published today by the journal Geophysical Research Letters, was very severe, ruining ancient civilizations and socio-economic

A team of researchers headed by Martin Claussen of Germany's Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research analyzed computer
models of climate over the past several thousand years. They concluded that the change to today's desert climate in the Sahara was
triggered by changes in the Earth's orbit and the tilt of Earth's axis.

At that time, the Northern Hemisphere received more summer sunlight, which amplified the African and Indian summer monsoon, they
reported. The switch in North Africa's climate and vegetation was abrupt. In the Sahara, we find an abrupt decrease in vegetation
from a green Sahara to a desert shrubland within a few hundred years.

So, what else happened 3,600 years ago?

We've got the Jewish Exodus, the last mammoths going extinct, the sea level dropping world wide by 18-20 feet, the Sahara drying up.

Anything else?

Well, 3,600 years ago, Thera, a monstrous volcano in the Mediterranean, erupted, as did Vesuvius.

The eruption at Thera was 20 times as massive as Krakatoa in 1883.

According to current data, the last two great eruptions of Vesuvius occured in 3580 B.C.E and 79 C.E. (the latter being the eruption which
buried Pompei and Herculaneum). Both Krakatoa and Thera have a Volcanic Explosivity Index or 6 which rates them as "colossal".

Science Digest, Sep/Oct '80


When Krakatoa exploded on August 26, 1883, it erupted noisily. It could be heard as much as 3,000 miles away on Rodrigues Island in the
Indian Ocean. Vibrations shattered shop windows 80 miles off. The energy; released in the main explosion has been estimated to be
equivalent to an explosion of 150 megatons of TNT.

Christos G. Doumas, Thera - Pompeii of the Ancient Aegean, p. 141

And trees in Sweden show the mark of this explosion, and help establish the date as 1628 BC.

Given that the Zetas say the actual passage period for Planet X, aka Nibiru, is 3,657 years,

this puts the date of the passage very near, well, NOW!

Ancient Trees May Explain Story of Atlantis

Associated Press, September 14, 2000

Researchers say ancient pine tree stumps found in a Swedish peat bog may hold a record of the great volcanic blast. Major volcanic
eruptions have been known to blast enough dust into the atmosphere to cause frosts and limit crop growth, and one of the most
powerful such blasts occurred when the Greek island of Santorini blew up in the mid-1600s B.C.

[Carbon] dating and the severe magnitude of this phenomenon suggest that it can be ascribed to the 1628-27 B.C. event, hence
providing new evidence of a wider, more northerly area of influence, the team of Swedish scientists reported in the Sept. 15 issue of
Geophysical Research Letters.

And in China, it was written during the reign of Emperor Qin c.1600 B.C.

Chieh Dynasty

In the twenty-ninth year of King Chieh [the last ruler of Hsia, the earliest recorded Chinese dynasty], the Sun was dimmed... the Sun
was distressed... during the last years of Chieh ice formed in [summer] mornings and frosts in the sixth month [July]. Heavy rainfall
toppled temples and buildings... Heaven gave severe orders. The Sun and Moon were untimely. Hot and cold weather arrived in
disorder. The five cereal crops withered and died.

Sounds like the distress preceding a pole shift, with the Sun and Moon untimely.

And what about 7,200 years ago, times 2?

Geo Science,

Tsunami Along the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia

The first event probably occurred concomitantly with the rise of Holocene sea-level near modern levels around 7000 before the
present. The impact of these tsunami upon the coastal landscape has been profound. Several signatures provide estimates of the
magnitude of run-up of these events.

The largest tsunami waves swept sediment across the continental shelf and obtained flow depths of 15-20 m at the coastline with
velocities in excess of 10 meters per second. Along cliffs, and especially at Jervis Bay, waves reached elevations of 40-100 m with
evidence of flow depths in excess of 15 m.

Recent work indicates that the southeast coast of Australia may not be the only coast to be affected by catastrophic tsunami. The
geomorphic signatures of such events have been found on Lord Howe Island in the mid-Tasman Sea, along the north Queensland coast
and along the northwest coast of Western Australia.

Bedrock sculpturing features have been identified on the islands of Hawaii and along the east coast of Scotland. The latter location is
within the zone affected by the tsunami generated by a large submarine landslide near Storegga, Norway also 7,000 years ago.

Humm, a tsunami affecting Australia and Scotland and Norway, at the same time?

Sounds global to me.


A giant wave flooded Scotland about 7,000 years ago, a scientist revealed on Friday. The tsunami left a trail of destruction along what
is now the eastern coast of the country. Scientists believe a landslide on the ocean floor off Storegga, south-west Norway, triggered the

Speaking at the British Association Festival of Science in Glasgow, Professor David Smith said a tsunami could strike again in the
area but the probability was extremely unlikely. It looks as if those people were happily sitting in their camp when this wave from the
sea hit the camp, Professor Smith of the department of Geography at Coventry University told BBC News Online.

And did this tsunami affecting Norway and Scotland, a landslide along the coastline there, cause the Black Sea to form?

All these events, around 7,200 years ago, a multiple of 3,600, are oddly coincidental.

That 3,600 year signature again.

For Noah's Flood, a New Wave Of Evidence

Washington Post, November 18, 1999

Scientists have discovered an ancient coastline 550 feet below the surface of the Black Sea, providing dramatic new evidence of a
sudden, catastrophic flood around 7,500 years ago - the possible source of the Old Testament story of Noah.

A team of deep-sea explorers this summer captured the first sonar images of a gentle berm and a sandbar submerged undisturbed for
thousands of years on the sea floor. Now, using radiocarbon dating techniques, analysts have shown that the remains of freshwater
mollusks subsequently dredged from the ancient beach date back 7,500 years and saltwater species begin showing up 6,900 years ago.

The findings offer independent verification of a theory advanced by Columbia University geologists William Ryan and Walter Pitman
that the Black Sea was created when melting glaciers raised the sea level until the sea breached a natural dam at what is now the
Bosporus, the strait that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Black Sea.

An apocalyptic deluge followed, inundating the freshwater lake below the dam, submerging thousands of square miles of dry land,
flipping the ecosystem from fresh water to salt practically overnight, and probably killing thousands of people and billions of land and
sea creatures, according to Ryan and Pitman.

The two scientists described the catastrophe in their book Noah's Flood, based on 30 years of research that began with coring samples
showing the same abrupt transition from lake to sea that Ballard confirmed with his dredge. No one had ever actually seen the old
shoreline, however, until Ballard's team captured sonar images of it in August.

Well, they're not taking into consideration what happened in Norway and Scottland, micro-examining the event.

And volcanoes were also involved at that same time period.

Did the tsunami cause the volcano?

According to the September 10, 1996 issue of the Seattle Times: the research ship JOIDES (Joint Oceanographic Institutions
for the Deep Earth Sampling) Resolution "could easily see the light colored ash deposited from the eruption of Oregon's
Mount Mazama 6,950 years ago. That titanic eruption created Crater Lake and threw out at least 40 times as much magma
as Mount St. Helens did in 1980 and serves as a useful marker to date mud layers.

Water rushing into the coastlines of Australia, submerging western Scotland, inundating Norway, and moving enough earth to block the Black Sea from
the Mediterranean.

Does water move like this, during a pole shift?

ZetaTalk: Tidal Waves, written prior to July 15, 1995

As great as the danger to humans and the fauna and flora of the Earth that earthquakes bring, greater still is the devastation that the
shifting waters will bring. There are several factors at play. Water is more liquid than the core of the Earth, and certainly more liquid
than terra firma.

Where the Earth, dragged by its core, is shifting into a new alignment with [Planet X], its waters resist greatly. Thus the waters slosh
over the nearby land, in the direction opposite to the shift. The Earth's record of gigantic tidal waves, which the establishment is
desperate to explain in other than pole shift terms, is caused by the frequent pole shifts.

I quote again from Velikovsky's Earth in Upheaval

Whales in the Mountains, pages 46-49

Bones of whale have been found 440 feet above sea level, north of Lake Ontario; a skeleton of another whale was discovered in
Vermont, more than 500 feet above sea level; and still another in the Montreal- Quebec area, about 600 feet above sea level. Although
the Humphrey whale and beluga occasionally enter the mouth of the St. Lawrence, they do not climb hills.

How does a whale arrive 500 feet above sea level, as this is an established fact, one the scientific community cannot even begin to explain.

ZetaTalk: Flood Tide, written on Jun 15, 2001

Tidal waves are often shown as rising high, a tower of water crashing down upon hapless humans standing in horror on a beach.
Where a wave generated by an underwater displacement, such as occurs when plates adjust due to subduction during an earthquake,
will roll in a deadly line of pressure until the shore is reached and then rise up when the depth of water is reduced as the wave rolls up
the beach, this does not occur when the whole of the ocean is on the move.

It is rather a flood tide, as the oceans are climbing out of their beds, into higher ground, so the leading edge is the highest point of the
wave. In Tsunamis, a single line of pressure moves through the ocean, transferring water pressure rapidly from the quake point to
where it must stop, at land, thus finally crashing upon a beach.

During a pole shift, there is no single line of pressure, the ocean as a whole is on the move because it stays behind while the crust
moves, and thus rolls up on land onto the coastline being pulled under it. This is a flood tide, with the lip of the water being its highest
point, rising like a silent tide endlessly on the rise, the wave rolling inland without a crashing back and forth, just a steady progressive

Waves caused by an asteroid crash are akin to what children see when they drop a boulder into a pond or puddle. As with a Tsunami
caused by a subducting plate, where the water is under great pressure at a certain point and transfers this pressure in a line in the
direction it was first thrown, the boulder will cause a sudden line of water pressure away from the impact point.

That water rising directly upward drops quickly to the surface, the splash. But the water within the pond moves the line of pressure
outward, visible only as a ripple on the surface of the water until the edge of the pond is reached where it becomes a lapping wave.

Asteroid generated waves are thus tall, crashing upon the shore. Whale bones on mountain tops well inland were not lifted by Tsunami
waves, nor carried inland atop such a wave. A whale would not be close enough to the shore to be caught in such an occurrence.

They arrived at these inland mountain tops because the entire ocean was moving, and they could not escape the momentum. Thus
caught, they were deposited in rocky crags where fast flowing waters moved quickly away from them through cracks, too tight a
squeeze for the hapless whale left floundering behind.

And 10,800 years ago?

3 multiples back of 3,600?

Ice Age Forest Gives a Global Warning

Fox News, Feb. 25, 2000

The discovery of a forest 11,000 years old buried intact in Michigan, with tree tops poking through the sand, has raised alarm about
the possible speed of global warming. The five-acre forest of hundreds of spruce, just over ten miles from the shore of Lake Superior,
was covered with sand and water when a nearby glacier melted at the end of the Ice Age.

What has shocked scientists is that analysis of the tree-rings shows that the climate warmed so rapidly that it left no mark on the
normal growth of the trees before they were flooded. The conclusion, based on the tree rings, is that there was no real warning of the
dramatic warming that caused the glacier to melt, said Theodore Bornhorst, Professor of Geology at Michigan Technological

And so it goes, the Earth holding evidence to the periodic passage of Planet X, the 3,600 signature.

ZetaTalk: Past Cataclysms, written on Feb 15, 1996.

The Earth bears witness to the cataclysms in her past and their periodic occurrence. Beyond her deep wound in the Pacific basin, and
beyond the drift of her continents, there are scars more palpable by man.

Mountain cliffs, which rise sheer in many cases thousands of feet, represent tearing of solid rock. These stands before mankind, who
even make a hobby of scaling their heights, ignored in their deeper meaning. Have any experiments been done to determine how much
force would be required to tear rock of this depth? None have. The reason lies in the equally deep desire of mankind to avoid thinking
about the Earth's past cataclysms.

Beneath the sea in the Bahamas lies evidence of civilizations that went under the waves - highways and highway markers, clearly
manmade. These areas have been explored by many fortune hunters, recorded by camera, and published in full color repeatedly.

Likewise ancient Incan cities stand so high in altitude that the cities could not have been built, much less lived in. Yet the scientific
community continues to claim that Earth changes happen gently, inch by inch, at the pace experienced during the memory of their
current civilization.

Antarctica bears witness to her past as a steamy swamp, and likewise the North Seas, where oil is extracted. Likewise the temperate
regions are scared by what is termed the Ice Ages, where these regions were as snow and ice packed as the poles.

A clue to these changes lies in the magnetism frozen in hardened lava, which demonstrates that Magnetic North and South changed
now and then. Has any adequate explanation been proffered by the scientific community?

None has, as all the explanations have the Earth's thin crust remaining in place, as the thought that they are standing on a raft that
can move on the sea of magma beneath them is too frightening to contemplate.

Dead birds falling down in towns half a world apart

Source: This is London

It could be the plot of a horror film, but in two towns on opposite sides of the world the mysterious phenomenon of thousands of dead birds dropping out of the sky is all too real.

Officials are baffled by the unexplained deaths which have affected Australia and the U.S.

Three weeks ago thousands of crows, pigeons, wattles and honeyeaters fell out of the sky in Esperance, Western Australia.

Then last week dozens of grackles, sparrows and pigeons dropped dead on two streets in Austin, Texas.

As birds continue to die in Esperance and the town's dawn chorus remains eerily silent, vets in both countries have been unable to establish a cause of death - despite carrying out a large number of autopsies on the birds.

Wildlife officials from Western Australia's Department of Environment and Conservation said they were baffled by the "catastrophic event" but emphasised the deaths had nothing to do with a severe storm which recently struck the area, as the birds had started dying before then. District nature conservation coordinator Mike Fitzgerald said: "It's very substantial.

"We estimate several thousand birds are dead, although we don't have a clear number because of the large areas of bushland."

Birds Australia, the country's largest bird conservation group, said it had not heard of a similar occurrence.

"You'd have to call it a most unusual event and one that we'd all have to be concerned about," said chief executive Graeme Hamilton.

Dr Fiona Sunderman, chief veterinary officer of the Department of Agriculture and Food, suspects the cause of death is some form of toxic poisoning.

Esperance resident Michelle Crisp, who normally sees hundreds of birds roosting in her garden, counted 80 dead ones in one day.

"It went to the point where we had nothing, not a single bird," she said. "It was like a moonscape - just horrible."

In Texas, officials are also working on the toxic poisoning theory. Adolfo Valadez, medical director for Austin and Travis County Health and Human Services, said it might be weeks before any conclusive results were known.

Such was the concern that the birds suffered deliberate toxic poisoning that several streets were closed in Austin while police and fire crews checked the area for any substance that might be of harm to humans.

"This was a precautionary measure. We certainly take these kinds of thing seriously, especially following 9/11," said Mr Valadez. "It may be a matter of time before we know what happened and why it happened. There is no threat to public health."

Federal officials in Washington said they were monitoring the situation, but a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security said: "There is no credible intelligence to suggest an imminent threat to the homeland or Austin at this time."

Secret history of America - The occult background

Runtime: 2h-44min

Secret History of America unfolds the fascinating history behind the founding of America, and exposes the esoteric underbelly of its design. Why is Washington D.C. build on the 77th Meridian? Are the Revolutionary War cities really built in perfect alignment with Stonehenge? If America was founded as a Christian nation, why are many of its symbols based on Pagan traditions? There is no doubt that much of America’s national heritage was Christian, but just as a coin has two sides, our national heritage has a second side – one based squarely on occult secret societies and their values.

To find the answer to these questions, we follow the journey of secret societies from England to the New World and learn of their ancient hope: to rebuild the lost empire of Atlantis.

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Conspiracies, Paranormal, Occult, Ancient History, Magick, Supernatural, Spiritual, Metaphysical, New Age, Mysteries, Anomalies, Esoteric, Meditation, Spells, Esp, Psi, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Telekinesis, Psychic powers, Enlightenment, Buddhism, Hermetics, Rosicrucian, Tantra, Chi, Qi gong evocations, spirits, invocations, inner light, ascension, tao, dowsing, scrying, magic, prophecies, reincarnation, clairvoyance, mind powers, witchcraft, sorcery, shamanism, law of attraction, kybalion, hermes, thelema, golden dawn, auras, astral sight, kabbala, kabbalah, qabalah, tree of life, sefiroth