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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Anti gravity crafts & anomalous images in the news

by Brent Raynes | Mysterious America

Friday, April 13th, Marc Davenport, the noted author of Visitors From Time, introduced me to a well-known Illinois UFO researcher named Forest Crawford. On Sunday, the 15th, Mr. Crawford was going to deliver what sounded like a very interesting presentation on anti-gravity. He agreed to speak with us directly on his thought-provoking research. Here’s that conversation:

Forest Crawford: Two years ago, I gave a talk on kind of the latest things going on in anti-gravity and a new theory about gravity called super-luminal radiation. It literally says that gravity is a pushing force, not a pulling force, so instead of us being pulled down to the planet we’re actually being pushed down to the planet by another form of light which has properties that make it very hard to detect. I mean, that’s kind of it in a nutshell.

Editor: Is that kind of like the dark energy?

Forest Crawford: Yes. That’s another word for it. The dark matter and dark energy. It’s that unaccounted for stuff. If you put negative numbers into Maxwell’s equations, which define electromagnetic radiation, you get the definition of another kind of radiation which is called super-luminal radiation.

So I gave that talk two years ago, and what I wanted to do at the end of the talk was actually demonstrate one of what they call lifters. They are small devices that Jean Naudin, a French scientist, had built these little models literally out of balsa wood, aluminum foil and some wire, a power supply, and you can demonstrate and make these things fly, and they fly really well. You have to tie them down or else they take off and run to the end of your wire and flip over.

So we got one that works. Two years ago, I didn’t have time to finish building the thing before my talk because I had put off and procrastinated, so we finally built the damn thing and we got it here, a couple of them actually, so we’re going to test fly them and then just do maybe 20 minutes or half an hour on—well, what it actually demonstrates is called the Biefeld-Brown Effect, and it’s named after T. Townsend Brown and this (Paul) Biefeld. They were two electrical engineers/physicists, scientists that developed this phenomena and realized this phenomena in their experiments, and what it has to do with, in a nutshell, is that a capacitor stores energy. And what they found out is that if you have something called an asymmetrical capacitor, which means that one electrode is smaller than the other, and when the capacitor discharges there is a pull toward the positive pole. Literally there is a motion toward the positive pole of the capacitor and that violates Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which is that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is an action in one direction only. No opposite equal reaction.

So it’s such a profound effect that T. Townsend Brown actually built disc-shaped objects about this big around [about three or four feet, editor], looked like little flying saucers, tethered them to a pole, had all of the military folks come out, because he was in the military and then he did his research for the military also. He called the Generals out and test flew these things. I mean, they flew like gang-busters around this pole, demonstrating this effect.

He’d tie them so that they wouldn’t just fly off and then they’d spin around, at great speeds, demonstrating this effect. This was like in the ‘50s. So the effect was named after him. It was one of those, ‘We’ve got this propulsive force and it seems to warrant further development.’

So this lifter is a very simple and inexpensive way to build a model and to demonstrate that effect, which may be one of the phenomena at the heart of energy or anti-gravity propulsion systems. It might be part of this equation about how to make it work, how to actually get thrust.

So we’re going to kind of go over the Biefeld-Brown Effect a little bit and I’m going to show them basically where you can get the information, how easy these things are to build, and how inexpensive they can be, and then my friend Gary is going to talk about some of the patents and stuff that are out there of ion propulsion systems. There’s also some controversy around (the fact that) some people believe that the whole propulsion is created by ionic wind, so you’ve got this high-voltage circuit that is creating this flow of ions and that’s what’s actually lifting the craft. But if you do real calculations on the energy that you’re putting into the mass of the craft, the ion wind can’t account for the actual lift. It falls short and there’s not enough force to lift this thing. There is ionic wind, but it’s just not what’s making it fly.

So there’s some controversy over this. Is Biefeld-Brown Effect really just an ion drive? All measurements are no, but nobody knows what it really is. One of the theories is that it may actually partially shield gravity enough to lift a very light model craft. So like I say it’s a way to show that people can reproduce this and you can go out and experiment with this and you don’t need ten million dollars of government money to do it, so that’s what we’re going to be doing on Sunday.

Editor’s Note: Well, since my wife and I went to Blue Spring that Sunday (read about that in my Reality Checking column), I missed Forest’s talk and demonstration, but Lou Farish caught the last 10 minutes or so of the talk, which included the “demonstration.” However, his only comment was that he did not possess “enough technical knowledge to make an intelligent comment.” Nonetheless, he did refer me to a website (www.ttbrown.com), which contains a “book” on Brown, his life and controversial work that a researcher named Paul Schatzkin is writing on the Internet one chapter at a time (57 chapters thus far). Lou hopes to have him as a speaker at his conference next year.

Alabama Flying Triangles

Madison—Around 8 PM, I was driving home heading east on Highway 72 on February 28, 2007, when I noticed two bright lights three hundred feet above a field that was located next to a Grocery Store. They were very close and seemed to be motionless. I decided to pull into the store parking lot near the field so I could observe. I was speaking on the phone to my boyfriend. I could see two big lights and a multitude of lights arranged in a triangular shape. I rolled down my window and the only sound was that from the highway behind me. The first craft began to move south at a maximum speed of 10 mph. Then a moment later the second craft followed.

The first craft had a row of four white lights, then a row of three, the middle light on this row was red. Then a row of two lights and one light to complete a triangle. The red light in the center of the craft was blinking, but all other white lights remained solid and consistent. The second craft was exactly the same as the first, however it lacked the red light, only white lights in the shape of a triangle. As the crafts moved over head you could make out a faint shape around the triangle, the only way you could even notice was that it would block out stars as it moved even though the triangle part wasn’t over the star yet. Both craft continued at this slow pace until I could not see them from the front anymore and then they became invisible in the night sky. I live close to Red Stone Arsenal so I can’t say that it wasn’t a military plane, but it sure wasn’t a plane as we know it today.

Trussville—I was driving to my friend’s house on Chalkville Road at night on March 15, 2007. I saw a remarkably lit triangular shaped craft right in front of me that did not look like any conventional airplane. This craft had a large red, circular light in the middle of it with one white light on its nose, and three white lights on its rear. I also think there was one white light on the other two sides. There were no blinking lights, the lights on it all stayed constant. The craft was on its side when I first saw it, then it flattened out as it flew off into the distance, heading west. My car has a digital compass in the top center console, so I know the direction is correct. Also, I had my driver’s side window cracked and I didn’t hear any engine noise. I wish I had taken a picture with my camera phone because it was close enough to make a good picture. The large red light in the middle of it had me perplexed and stunned. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Editor’s Note: Alabama Flying Triangles report appeared in George Filer’s Filer’s Files #12, 2007, dated March 21.

Tennessee’s Alien Research Group, founded and directed by Sandy Nichols, is a confidential “alien abduction” referral service. Check out the ARG’s website at: http://www.alienresearchgroup.com/menu.html

Chilean Pilots Have UFO Encounters

VIÑA DEL MAR -- The Chilean government has disclosed a series of sightings and encounters between military pilots and unidentified flying objects (UFO). Captain Rodrigo Bravo, with authorization of the Army Command, took part in an international discussion of the subject, in which he disclosed "spectacular" experiences in various parts of Chile. Bravo presented videos and photographs during the meeting while discussing the encounters that pilots of his branch had undergone in the past 10 years.

Chilean Mirage Fighter

Chile, with 15.5 million inhabitants, ranks fifth in the world when it comes to the highest number of UFO sightings, after the United States, Peru , Brazil and Russia . Over 600 sightings have been recorded in Chile over the past 60 years. These include "CE3K" -type contacts with “extraterrestrials.” The Army officer recalled that on April 2, 1997, in the city of Arica 's Chacalluyta Airport , the pilot of a T-212 aircraft witnessed an elongated orange object in the sky for nine minutes.

Another incident of similar characteristics took place in early 2000 in the southern region of Los Lagos, while three military helicopters flew by in broad daylight. "The crew members witnessed an object on the ground that swiftly rose to the same altitude as the aircraft, positioning itself in front of them, almost on a collision course." The UFO vanished at high speed after engaging in zig-zagging movements.

GRANEROS -- On March 18, 2000, 70 kilometers south of Santiago, the crew of a military aircraft claimed having seen an elongated, lead-colored object that took off at high speed after having flown beside them. "All of these cases are certified by the Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos (CEFFA), the best suited in Chile for this type of research," added the military man.

Rodrigo Fuenzalida, director of the Agrupación de Investigaciones Ovniológicas de Chile (AION), told EFE that having the Army's cooperation sets the example for mature behavior on the part of "this institution, which consented to open its files and have them subjected to serious scrutiny." Fuenzalida maintains that all that is needed now is for the Government to assume a similar posture and support the opening of these files, which has occurred in such countries as Brazil. UFO sightings "are no longer a novelty" and experts claim that 60 million people worldwide have witnessed this phenomenon, although only ten percent of these experiences are made known, due to the fear of being ridiculed. (translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ing. Marco Reynoso, Fundacion Cosmos, A.C.)

China May Have An Underground UFO Base?

LADAKH -- John Winston writes, "Many stories have surfaced that both China and India know about an underground UFO base near Kongka La a low ridge pass in the Himalayas on the disputed India-China border. The Chinese hold the northeastern part which is known as Aksai Chin and Indian the southwest which is known as Ladakh. The two countries fought a major war in 1962, over the area that is one of the least accessed area in the world. By agreement the two countries do not patrol that part of the border. Local people claim UFOs are seen coming out of the ground, and this is known by both governments.

Aksai Chin, China of antelope, Photo courtesy of http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/

According to many tourists, the Indian and Chinese military maintain a line of control to prevent people going to the UFO base. Recently Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash saw strange lights in the sky and the local guides while in the Chinese territory told them that this was nothing new and is a normal phenomenon from the Kongka Pass area. Strange lighted triangular silent craft come out of mountains and fly almost vertically up. Some of the adventurous pilgrims wanted to look into the site but were turned away at both Indian and Chinese Guard posts despite their permit to travel between the two countries.

The Indian border patrol personnel said, "They had orders not to allow any one near the area of interest and it is true that strange objects come out from under the ground with amplified and modulated lights. The locals start laughing in that area when they are asked about these UFO sightings. According to the locals, the extra-terrestrial presence is well known and is deep into the ground where the Euresian plate and the Indian plate have created convergent plate boundaries. The double thick earth crust allows the creation of underground bases deep into the tectonic plates. Convergent plate boundaries are formed where one plate dives under another. Kongka La has beautiful rocks and granites but neither Chinese nor Indian authorities ever excavate, dig or mine holes in this area. The area is pristine and untouched. Thanks to the http://www.indiadaily.com

The Chinese after winning Aksai Chin from India in 1962, built a strategic military highway, but are not using it and are using an alternate highway. Recently in the local school, young children of the area entered into a drawing contest. More than half of the drawings had to do with strange objects in the sky and some coming out of the mountains. Many of them even know when and what to look for.

Many UFO researchers believe that there are hidden UFO bases under the ocean and deep under the ground. Kongka La is experiencing some strange phenomenon and suspicious objects coming out of the inaccessible huge mountains. Why is this region continuously reporting UFO sightings from various kinds of people? Thanks to Indiadaily.com

China Alien Abduction

The best-known alien abduction story in China is the case of Meng Zhao Guo, a young tree farmer, from Wuchang, in Heilongjiang province. In June 1994 Zhao Guo and two other farm workers, working at Red Flag logging camp saw something unusual on nearby Mount Pheonix . Meng was hit by a beam of light, and experienced an abduction and a sexual encounter with a female alien.

Meng Zhaoguo, a rural worker explains he was 29 when he broke his marital vows for the first and only time -- with an extraterrestrial of unusually robust build.

"She was 10 feet [3.03 metres] tall and had six fingers, but otherwise she looked completely like a human,'' he says. "I told my wife all about it afterwards. She wasn't too angry.'' During September 2003 Zhang Jingping, a Beijing-based UFO researcher, had psychologists and police technicians subject Zhao Guo to hypnosis and a lie detector test in Beijing. Zhang indicated the test results proved the abductee was telling the truth.

He also indicated that doctors had indicated that Zhao Guo’s scars "could not possibly have been caused by common injuries or surgery." Thanks to John Winston. johnfw@mlode.com http://www.ancientx.com


Credit for the contents of the above reports on Chilean, Chinese and Indian stories of intensive UFO activity and possible government interest and involvement in these countries goes to Filer’s Files #8-2007, edited by George A. Filer and dated February 21, 2007.

Chile: Ghostly Image Captured on Cellphone

SOURCE: IIEE and Crónica Newspaper

DATE: 02.24.07


by Tania Merino

Technicians believe the phenomenon is "bizarre"

The time was 11:02 pm on February 4, 2007 when after a family get-together in a house at Villa Cap, a 25 year-old man tried to take a photo of his mother with his cellphone camera. All of the guests were gone and only the young man and his parents were in the house. It was for this reason that uncertainty gripped them all when they saw the images that the cellphone had captured.

Only in one of the snapshots, taken in a quick sequence of four photographs, did the woman appear. The rest of them picked up sections of the face of a man who looks straight into the lens and who was never in the room.

"My mom got nervous, I put the cellphone away, we checked the house, but there was no one there but us," said the young man, who preferred anonymity rather than face public questioning of his sanity. He said that "a heavy atmosphere" weighed over the house at the time, that it was "saturated", and that strange things had already occurred them, such as objects moving without any reason whatsoever.

Upon seeing what had happened, he fired another volley of three photos and the same thing occured. The man's face reappeared.

He nervously showed us the time and date of the images captured by the cellphone. All of them correspond to the hour and minute he indicated and each sequence falls within the same minute: 23.02, 23.03, 23.05 and 23.06 minutes. the photos remain inside the cellphone until their origin can be ascertained.

The next day, he informed his brother of the event and they uploaded the images to a computer through a USB cable. They assembled the parts of the jigsaw puzzle and were surprised to clearly see the features of a man aged between thirty and forty, wearing a white suit and shirt. "This is a person that doesn't exist in the household; no one knows him. No one in my family wears three piece suits, to begin with."

"I even asked the old owner of my mother's house and she had never seen him either," he added.

Furthermore, he added that "the other day a neighbor who drives a taxi cab was getting home at 3 a.m. when he saw an image appear in the backyard of our house, a man wearing a three-piece suit and smoking. The driver turned oun the headlights, but by the time he did so, there was no one there." Our interviewee showed the cellphone images to the neighbor and the driver recognized him - not by the face, but by the shape and the suit.

"Now I want to know who this person is, what he wants and what he needs," he concluded fearfully.

We consulted with an expert from a cellular telephony company and explained the situation. "Nowadays, cameras have a VGA system with pixels, and capture the image that is before them. These can only be manipulated and rearranged by editing, but there is no way that they can invent an image or create that of a person that isn't standing in front of the camera," explained Roman Montero. He admitted that it is "bizarre, because I can't find a logical explanation for it. It is impossible that it should occur. A camera cannot photograph something that it can't see," he added. He suggested taking the photos to a lab and to have them analyzed. He understood the urge to associate the images with a ghost. In earlier times, the exposure of a negative could justify such a thing, but it is not possible with a digital photograph.

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