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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jonestown: The CIA mind control experiment

Source: Mondovista

What You Were Told About Jonestown

It was November 15, 1968. A fanatic religious leader in California led  a multiracial community into the jungles of remote Guyana to establish  a socialist utopia. The People's Temple, his church, was in the heart  of San Francisco and drew poor people, social activists, Blacks and  Hispanics, young and old. The message was racial harmony and justice,  and criticism of the hypocrisy of the world around his followers.   

The  Temple rose in a vacuum of leadership at the end of an era. The  political confrontations of the 60s were almost over, and religious  cults and "personal transformation" were on the rise. Those who had  preached a similar message on the political soap box were gone, burnt  out, discredited, or dead. The counter-culture had apparently  degenerated into drugs and violence. Charlie Manson was the only  visible image of the period. Suddenly, religion seemed to offer a last  hope.


Even before they left for the Jonestown site, the People's Temple  members were subjects of local scandal in the news. Jim Jones claimed  these expos´s were attacks on their newly-found religion, and used them  as an excuse to move most of the members to Guyana. But disturbing  reports continued to surround Jones, and soon came to the attention of  congressional members like Leo Ryan. Stories of beatings, kidnapping,  sexual abuse and mysterious deaths leaked out in the press. Ryan  decided to go to Guyana and investigate the situation for himself. The  nightmare began.


Isolated on the tiny airstrip at Port Kaituma, Ryan and several  reporters in his group were murdered. Then came the almost unbelievable  "White Night," a mass suicide pact of the Jonestown camp. A community  made up mostly of Blacks and women drank cyanide from paper cups of  purple Kool-Aid, adults and children alike died and fell around the  main pavilion. Jones himself was shot in the head, an apparent suicide.  For days, the body count mounted, from 400 to nearly 1,000. The bodies  were flown to the United States and later cremated or buried in mass  graves.


Jonestown became a cultural cliché for mindless cults that drove  members to commit suicide and served as a vivid warning against blind  faith and charismatic leaders.


But there was more to Jonestown than was first reported. Something more  evil than a cult or even a demented leader was being covered up and,  when it was finally revealed, it would receive less publicity than the  sterilized version of the truth most people were fed.


What REALLY Happened: The Truth Is In The Numbers


The first headlines the day of the massacre read: "Cult Dies in South  American Jungle: 400 Die in Mass Suicide, 700 Flee into Jungle." By all  accounts in the press, as well as People's Temple statements there were  at least 1,100 people at Jonestown. There were 809 adult passports  found there, and reports of 300 children (276 found among the dead, and  210 never identified). The headline figures from the first day add to  the same number: 1,100.The original body count done by the Guyanese was  408, and this figure was initially agreed to by U.S. Army authorities  on site. However, over the next few days, the total of reported dead  began to rise quickly. The Army made a series of misleading and openly  false statements about the discrepancy. The new total, which was the  official final count, was given almost a week later by American  authorities as 913. A total of 16 survivors were reported to have  returned to the U.S.


Members  of Jonestown were mostly black adults, the elderly and children who  were apparently selected to reflect a cross section of the American  public.


Where were the others cult members?


At  their first press conference, the Americans claimed that the Guyanese  "could not count." These local people had carried out the gruesome job  of counting the bodies, and later assisted American troops in the  process of poking holes in the flesh lest they explode from the gasses  of decay. Then the Americans proposed another theory -- they had missed  seeing a pile of bodies at the back of the pavilion. The structure was  the size of a small house, and they had been at the scene for days.  Finally, we were given the official reason for the discrepancy --  bodies had fallen on top of other bodies, adults covering children.


It was a simple, if morbid, arithmetic that led to the first  suspicions. The 408 bodies discovered at first count would have to be  able to cover 505 bodies for a total of 913. In addition, those who  first worked on the bodies would have been unlikely to miss bodies  lying beneath each other since each body had to be punctured.  Eighty-two of the bodies first found were those of children, reducing  the number that could have been hidden below others. A search of nearly  150 photographs, aerial and close-up, fails to show even one body lying  under another, much less 500.



It seemed the first reports were true, 400 had died, and 700 had fled  to the jungle. The American authorities claimed to have searched for  people who had escaped, but found no evidence of any in the surrounding  area. At least a hundred Guyanese troops were among the first to  arrive, and they were ordered to search the jungle for survivors. In  the area, at the same time, British Black Watch troops were on  "training exercises," with nearly 600 of their best-trained commandos.  Soon, American Green Berets were on site as well. The presence of these  soldiers, specially trained in covert killing operations, may explain  the increasing numbers of bodies that appeared.


How did the other cult members die?


Most of the photographs show the bodies in neat rows, face down. There  are few exceptions. Close shots indicate drag marks, as though the  bodies were positioned by someone after death. Is it possible that the  700 who fled were rounded up by these troops, brought back to Jonestown  and added to the body count?


If so, the bodies would indicate the cause of death. A new word was  coined by the media, "suicide-murder." But which was it? Autopsies and  forensic science are a developing art. The detectives of death use a  variety of scientific methods and clues to determine how people die,  when they expire, and the specific cause of death. Dr. Mootoo, the top  Guyanese pathologist, was at Jonestown within hours after the massacre.  Refusing the assistance of U.S. pathologists, he accompanied the teams  that counted the dead, examined the bodies, and worked to identify the  deceased. While the American press screamed about the "Kool-Aid  Suicides," Dr. Mootoo was reaching a much different opinion.



There are certain signs that show the types of poisons that lead to the  end of life. Cyanide blocks the messages from the brain to the muscles  by changing body chemistry in the central nervous system. Even the  "involuntary" functions like breathing and heartbeat get mixed neural  signals. It is a painful death, breath coming in spurts. The other  muscles spasm, limbs twist and contort. The facial muscles draw back  into a deadly grin, called "cyanide rictus." All these telling signs  were absent in the Jonestown dead. Limbs were limp and relaxed, and the  few visible faces showed no sign of distortion.


Instead, Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the left  shoulder blades of 80-90% of the victims. Others had been shot or  strangled and a majority showed signs of being held down or restrained  prior to injection.


One survivor reported that those who resisted were forced by armed  guards. The gun that reportedly shot Jim Jones was lying nearly 200  feet from his body, not a likely suicide weapon. As Chief Medical  Examiner, Mootoo's testimony to the Guyanese grand jury investigating  Jonestown led to their conclusion that all but three of the people were murdered by "persons unknown." Only two had committed suicide they said. Several pictures show the  gun-shot wounds on the bodies as well. The U.S. Army spokesman, Lt.  Col. Schuler, said, "No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not  an issue here." The forensic doctors who later did autopsies at Dover,  Delaware, were never made aware of Dr. Mootoo's findings.


A Cover-Up. But Of What?


There are other indications that the Guyanese government participated  with American authorities in the extermination of the cult members and  then covered-up the real story. One good example was Guyanese Police  Chief Lloyd Barker, who interfered with investigations, helped  "recover" 2.5 million for the Guyanese government, and was often the  first to officially announce the cover stories relating to suicide,  body counts and survivors. Among the first to the scene were the wife  of Guyanese Prime Minister Forbes Burnham and his Deputy Prime  Minister, Ptolemy Reid. They returned from the massacre site with  nearly $1 million in cash, gold and jewelry taken from the buildings  and from the dead. Inexplicably, one of Burnham's political party  secretaries had visited the site of the massacre only hours before it  occurred. When Shirley Field Ridley, Guyanese Minister of Information,  announced the change in the body count to the shocked Guyanese  parliament, she refused to answer further questions. Other  representatives began to point a finger of shame at Ridley and the  Burnham government, and the local press dubbed the scandal  "Templegate." All accused them of taking a ghoulish payoff.


Perhaps more significantly, the Americans brought in 16 huge C-131  cargo planes, but claimed they could only carry 36 caskets in each one.  These aircraft can carry tanks, trucks, troops and ammunition all in  one load. At the scene, bodies were stripped of identification,  including the medical wrist tags visible in many early photos. Dust-off  operations during Vietnam clearly demonstrated that the military is  capable of moving hundreds of bodies in a short period. Instead, they  took nearly a week to bring back the Jonestown dead, bringing in the  majority at the end of the period. The corpses, rotting in the heat,  made autopsy impossible. At one point, the remains of 183 people  arrived in 82 caskets. Although the Guyanese had identified 174 bodies  at the site, only 17 (later 46) were tentatively identified at the  massive military mortuary in Dover, Delaware.



[Above: Jones is handed a note by Ryan that was passed to him by  members seeking to leave with the Congressman. This upsets Jones who  then apparently gives orders for the murder to supress the truth of  what was really going on in Jonestown.]


In December, the President of the National Association of Medical  Examiners complained in an open letter to the U.S. military that they  "badly botched" procedures, and that a simple fluid autopsy was never  performed at the point of discovery. Decomposition, embalming and  cremation made further forensic work impossible. The long delay made it  impossible to reconstruct the event. As noted, these military doctors  were unaware of Dr. Mootoo's conclusions. Several civilian pathology  experts said they "shuddered at the ineptness" of the military, and  that their autopsy method was "doing it backwards." But in official  statements, the U.S. attempted to discredit the Guyanese grand jury  findings, saying they had uncovered "few facts."


Guyanese troops, who had arrived with American Embassy officiala and CIA operative, Richard Dwyer,  also failed to defend Congressman Leo Ryan and others who came to  Guyana with him when they were shot down in cold blood at the Port  Kaituma airstrip, even though the troops were nearby with machine guns  at the ready. Witnesses described the murderers as "zombies," walking  mechanically, without emotion, and "looking through you, not at you" as  they murdered. Only certain people were killed, and the selection was  clearly planned. Certain wounded people, like Ryan's aide Jackie  Speiers, were not harmed further, but the killers made sure that Ryan  and the newsmen were dead. In some cases they shot people, already  wounded, directly in the head.


Richard Dwyer was a known CIA agent who accompanied Ryan on his fact finding trip. He is seen [Above] in a film of Ryan's departure securing his boarding pass. Later [Above]  he can be seen accompanying Ryan to the small plane before the murders  of Ryan and other members of the team. He mysteriously parts from the  group just before the shooting begins.


It is believed that Dwyer was aware of the impending massacre and had a special relationship with  Jones. A tape found at the camp recorded the voice of Jones telling his  guards, "Get Dwyer out of here before something happens to him." Later,  a radio transmission on a special CIA frequency reported the massacre  -- a transmission believed made by Dwyer after he terminated Jones.


Who Was Jim Jones?


In order to understand the strange events surrounding Jonestown, we  must begin with a history of the people involved. The official story of  a religious fanatic and his idealist followers doesn't make sense in  light of the evidence of murders, armed killers and autopsy cover-ups.  If it happened the way we were told, there should be no reason to try  to hide the facts from the public, and full investigation into the  deaths at Jonestown, and the murder of Leo Ryan would have been  welcomed. What did happen is something else again. Why?


Jim Jones grew up in Lynn, in southern Indiana. His father was an  active member of the local Ku Klux Klan that infest that area. His  friends found him a little strange, and he was interested in preaching  the Bible and religious rituals. Perhaps more important was his boyhood  friendship with Dan Mitrione,  confirmed by local residents. In the early 50s, Jones set out to be a  religious minister, and was ordained at one point by a Christian  denomination in Indianapolis. It was during this period that he met and  married his lifelong mate, Marceline. He also had a small business  selling monkeys, purchased from the research department at Indiana  State University in Bloomington.


A Bible-thumper and faith healer, Jones put on revivalist tent shows in the area, and worked close to Richmond, Indiana. Mitrione,  his friend, worked as chief of police there, and kept him from being  arrested or run out of town. According to those close to him, he used  wet chicken livers as evidence of "cancers" he was removing by "divine  powers." His landlady called him "a gangster who used a Bible instead  of a gun."


Dan Mitrione, Jones' friend, moved on to the CIA-financed  International Police Academy, where police were trained in  counter-insurgency and torture techniques from around the world. Jones,  a poor, itinerant preacher, suddenly had money in 1961 for a trip to  "minister" in Brazil, and he took his family with him. His neighbors in  Brazil distrusted him. Although he didn't speak Portugese or have any  visible job, he maintained a large apartment and lived well. He told  them he worked with U.S. Navy Intelligence. His transportation and  groceries were being provided by the U.S. Embassy as was the large  house he lived in. His son, Stephan, commented that he made regular  trips to Belo Horizonte, site of the CIA headquarters in Brazil. In  reality, Jones was known to be studying the mind control techniques of  Voodoo cults and religions such as Santa Ria, which controlled and  manipulated their followers with drugs, exotic rituals, fake miracles,  fear and magic. An American police advisor, working closely with the  CIA at that point, Dan Mitrione was there as well.Mitrione had  risen in the ranks quickly, and was busy training foreign police in  torture and assassination methods. He was later kidnapped by Tupermaro  guerillas in Uruguay, interrogated and murdered. Jones returned to the  United States in 1963, with $10,000 in his pocket.


With his new wealth, Jones was able to travel to California and  establish the first People's Temple in Ukiah, California, in 1965.  Guarded by dogs, electric fences and guard towers, he set up Happy  Havens Rest Home. Despite a lack of trained personnel, or proper  licensing, Jones drew in many people at the camp. He had elderly,  prisoners, people from psychiatric institutions, and 150 foster  children, often transferred to care at Happy Havens by court orders. He  systematically assembled a large population of people with few  attachments that would represent a cross-section of society and would  be under his control. But for what?



After his arrival in Ukiah, his methods were visible to those who took  the time to investigate. His armed guards wore black uniforms and  leather jackboots. His approach was one of deception, and if that wore  off, then manipulation and threats. Loyalty to his church included  signing blank sheets of paper, later filled in with "confessions' and  used for blackmail purposes, or to extort funds. Yet the vast  membership he was extorting often owned little, and he tried to milk  them for everything, from personal funds to land deeds. Illegal  activities were regularly reported during this period, but either not  investigated or unresolved. He clearly had the cooperation of local  police. Years later, evidence would come out of charges of sexual  solicitation, mysteriously dropped.


Although the new Temple had no guards or fences to restrict members,  few had other places to live, and many had given over all they owned to  Jones. They felt trapped inside this community that preached love, but  practiced hatred.


What Was Jonestown... Really?


According  to one story, Jones was seeking a place on earth that would survive the  effects of nuclear war, relying only on an article in Esquire magazine  for his list. The real reason for his locations in Brazil, California,  Guyana and elsewhere deserve more scrutiny. At one point Jones wanted  to set up in Grenada, and he invited then-Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy  to visit the Temple in San Francisco. He invested $200,000 in the  Grenada National Bank in 1977 to pave the way, and some $76,000 was  still there after the massacre. His final choice, the Matthew's Ridge  section in Guyana is an interesting one. It was originally the site of  a Union Carbide bauxite and manganese mine, and Jones used the dock  they left behind. At an earlier point, it had been one of seven  possible sites chosen for the relocation of the Jews after World War II.


Once chosen, the site was leased and worked on by a select crew of  Temple members in preparation for the arrival of the body of the  church. But if these were idealists seeking a better life, their  arrival in "Utopia" was a strange welcome. Piled into busses in San  Francisco, they had driven to Florida. From there, Pan American charter  planes delivered them to Guyana. When they arrived at the airport, the  Blacks were taken off the plane, bound and gagged. The deception had  finally been stripped bare of all pretense. The Blacks were so isolated  and controlled that neighbors as close as five miles from the site did  not know that Blacks lived at Jonestown. The only public  representatives seen in Guyana were white. Guyanese children were  "bought" also.


According  to survivors' reports, they entered a virtual slave labor camp. Worked  for 16 to 18 hours daily, they were forced to live in cramped quarters  on minimum rations, usually rice, bread and sometimes rancid meat. Kept  on a schedule of physical and mental exhaustion, they were also forced  to stay awake at night and listen to lectures by Jones. Threats and  abuse became more common. The camp medical staff under Dr. Lawrence  Schacht was known to perform painful suturing without anaesthetic. They  administered drugs, and kept daily medical records.


A Mind Control Experiment Gone Crazy


Jonestown was an experiment, part of a 30-year program called MK-ULTRA,  the CIA and military intelligence code name for mind control. A close  study of Senator Ervin's 1974 report, Individual Rights and the  Government's Role in Behavior Modification, shows that these agencies  had certain "target populations" in mind, for both individual and mass  control. Blacks, women, prisoners, the elderly, the young, and inmates  of psychiatric wards were selected as "potentially violent." There were  plans in California at the time for a Center for the Study and  Reduction of Violence, expanding on the horrific work of Dr. José  Delgado, Drs. Mark and Ervin, and Dr. Jolly West, experts in  implantation, psychosurgery, and tranquilizers. The guinea pigs were to  be drawn from the ranks of the "target populations," and taken to an  isolated military missile base in California. In that same period,  Jones began to move his Temple members to Jonestown. They were the  exact population selected for such tests. All of the population  received daily medical exams and wore medical identification bracelets.


The meticulous daily notes and drug records kept by Larry Schacht, the  camp doctor, disappeared, but evidence did not. Jeff Brillie, who  helped with the "clean up" operation was asked to guard a metal case  containing thousands of files. He was told to shoot anyone who tried to  take them from him and that they contained "highly sensitive"  information. He later turned the files over to CIA agents who denied  that such records existed when questioned by a congressional  investigation. The history of MK-ULTRA and its sister programs  (MK-DELTA, ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, etc.) records a combination of drugs,  drug mixtures, electroshock and torture as methods for control. The  desired results ranged from temporary and permanent amnesia,  uninhibited confessions, and creation of second personalities, to  programmed assassins and preconditioned suicidal urges. One goal was  the ability to control mass populations, especially for cheap labor.  Dr. Delgado told Congress that he hoped for a future where a technology  would control workers in the field and troops at war with electronic  remote signals. He found it hard to understand why people would  complain about electrodes implanted in their brains to make them "both  happy and productive."


The people of the People's Temple were little more than experimental  "rats," being drugged and monitored by daily medical exams and  miticulous records of their health and behavioral changes. Once the  terrible experiment was discovered there was nothing else to do but  exterminate them and crush any link to the CIA's experimental mind  control program.


On  the scene at Jonestown, Guyanese troops discovered a large cache of  drugs, enough to drug the entire population of Georgetown, Guyana (well  over 200,000) for more than a year. According to survivors, these were  being used regularly "to control" a population of only 1,100 people.  One footlocker contained 11,000 doses of thorazine, a dangerous  tranquilizer. Drugs used in the testing for MK-ULTRA were found in  abundance, including sodium pentathol (a truth serum), chloral hydrate  (a hypnotic), demerol, thalium (confuses thinking), and many others.  Schacht had supplies of haliopareael and largatil as well, two other  major tranquilizers. The actual description of life at Jonestown is  that of a tightly run concentration camp, complete with medical and  psychiatric experimentation. The stresses and isolation of the victims  is typical of sophisticated brainwashing techniques. The drugs and  special tortures add an additional experimental aspect to the horror.  This more clearly explains the medical tags on the bodies, and why they  had to be removed. It also suggests an additional motive for  frustrating any chemical autopsies, since these drugs would have been  found in the system of the dead.


The story of Jonestown is that of a gruesome experiment, not a  religious utopian society. One Temple director, Joyce Shaw, described  the Jonestown massacre as, "some kind of horrible government  experiments, or some sort of sick racial thing, a plan like that of the  Germans to exterminate Blacks." If we refuse to look further into this  nightmarish event, there will be more Jonestowns to come. They will  move from Guyana to our own back yard.


The ultimate victims of mind control at Jonestown are the American  people. If we fail to look beyond the constructed images given us by  the television and the press, then our consciousness is manipulated,  just as well as the Jonestown victims' was. If the discrepancy between  the truth of Jonestown and the official version can be so great, what  other lies have we been told about other major events?


Anonymous said...

More proof that this was not mass suicide by cyanide poisoning.

Anonymous said...

My husband "turned me on to" William Cooper's writings 7 years ago. Now, reading the REAL deal about tragedies like this frightens me much more.

Anonymous said...

i didnt read this article but i saw a movie.in this case wasnt he sending one of his people with a briefcase full of money to a kgb agent after the mass suicide.

Anonymous said...

Crap. where is your evidence??
And the british black watch? They are not commandos, they are not a covert operations unit, they are in fact a scottish line infantry unit. If you can get such checkable facts wrong, the rest is probably rubbish too.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you failed to mention that Dwyer was shot at the airstrip too. I could understand him "peeling away from Ryan" if he knew Ryan was going to be shot. Do you really think he would voluntarily have taken a bullet though? Jones basically wanted certain people dead: Ryan and the defectors. If he was really worried, (that people would learn about a "mind control" experiment occuring at Jonestown) don't you think he would have ordered his men to kill them all? Anyone alive would pose a serious threat to his "experiment". They would go back to the states and tell what happened. It would have been better to finish them all off (which Jones' troops certainly had the firepower to do). After all-as the old saying goes- "dead men tell no tales." As it is, a C.I.A. theory popped up anyway! If Jones and the C.I.A. planned this out, then they didn't do a very good job hiding this. I can't believe the C.I.A. would be so careless and sloppy.

camilyn said...


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camilyn said...


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